Summer 2014

The Training Times

Summer 2014
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My.Scouting Tools Training Manager Updates

We are very happy to share some new features and improvements available on My.Scouting Tools!

Organization Security Manager Tool – Key-3s at each organization level (unit, district, council, area, region and national) now have the ability to grant three additional people Key-3 access (a.k.a. Plus-3).

Key-3s also now have the ability to assign certain functional positions access to the Training Manager tool. Additional roles will be added as needed and as new tools become available.

Training Manager Enhancements – New “Member Training Report” lists individual member’s current, completed training records and any incomplete position-specific training. A new “District Contact Report” identifies the Key-3s in each unit in the selected district, including contact information and Youth Protection Training status. A new “Training Summary Report” provides dashboard status overview of those who are position trained and not trained, and Youth Protection Training status at the council, area, region and national organization levels.

We often find that with so many similar-named “basic” training courses prior to the Leader Specifics series, the wrong course code is often entered with the date a Scouter took the course. So no credit is received! So we’ve also added some new “101″ codes to My.Scouting Tools (and ScoutNET) for you to use when adding one of the pre-2001 basic training courses to a record. Use the “101″ code (for example C101 – Cub Scout Leader Basic) and a date before September 1, 2001 and the Scouter will be credited with the course and marked as “trained” if registered in the position that the training was for – and of course with current YPT training!

Other Enhancements – Key-3s/Plus-3s at the national, region, and area levels have the ability to administer and update member information. Based on your “natural context” (position), you can drill down from national to council level in each tool, including Training Manager, Organization Manager and Member Manager.

We encourage you to login to to access these new features. If you’re a Key-3 member and can’t access these tools, please ensure that you are properly registered in a Key-3 position.

Course Director Conferences

Course director conferences for the course directors of Wood Badge and National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) courses are being finalized in locations across the BSA. In some areas the conferences have been expanded to include other trainers. Take a look at the information on the registration page for these area training conferences.

Registration links for these conferences can be found on under “Course Director and Area Training Conferences” as soon as the details for each conference are complete.

A course director conference is required for Wood Badge course directors, but they are also a great
opportunity to learn from other Scouters. Additionally, this is where the 2014-15 updates to the Wood Badge and NYLT syllabi will be distributed and reviewed.


Are you on Facebook? If so, have you found the BSA training page? We have about 6,500 “likes,” and the number is growing every day. Encourage your Facebook friends to join us. You can find the page at

Training Times Archives

You can take a look at older versions of the Training Times b clicking on the word “Archives” on the “Training Updates” page or on the link on the main training page of

2015 Florida Sea Base Winter Training Conferences

It is not too early to start planning to attend the 2015 Winter Scouting U Conferences at the Florida Sea Base!

Imagine a week in the Florida Keys learning with experienced and informed Scouters with ample time to enjoy the climate and beauty of the Keys!!

New for 2015 – Three weeks of conferences and an extra day each week!

January 4th-10th
T3—Train the Trainer
Conducting Advanced Leadership Training
The New Cub Scouting Adventure
Venturing: The New Vision

January 11th-17th
Conference on Education for Advancement Administrators (CEAA)

January 18th-24th
Overview of Commissioner Service
Youth Protection Champions

Conference fees include: Housing, Meals, Snacks, Bedding & Towels, Meeting Facilities and Course Materials, and a Sunset Cruise (weather permitting).

Registration will open soon at in the “quicklinks” section (2015 Florida Sea Base Conferences.)

Registration fees: $495 per conference participant and $300 per non-conference attending spouse.

Planned Spouse Opportunities include: Sunset Cruise, Stand-Up Paddle Board, Kayaking, Dolphin Research Center, Snorkeling, Gallery Tours, Everglades

Don’t miss the boat!

The Training Times is a publication of Scouting University.
Joel Eacker – Volunteer Training Committee Chair
Dr. Diane Thornton, Chief Learning Officer
Doug Krofina – Leadership Development Team
Mark Griffin – Learning Delivery Team
Steve Yackel- Design Team
Mark Moshier – Performance Coach Team East
De Tan Nguyen – Performance Coach Team West

Tenure for Training Awards

Unless it specifically states in the requirements that tenure cannot be used for multiple training awards it can be used.

In the past we said “one Scouter, one position” and did not want to reward those who wore multiple hats. We are more realistic now. If a Scouter accomplished all of the training and performance tasks during the same tenure, they have likely made Scouting better for more youth and deserve recognition.

Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills Options

There is no “opt out” option for Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills based on a Scouter’s experience.

There are too many Eagle Scouts from troops with poor adult leadership who may have 21 merit badges, done a great service project, and are real leaders, but may have bad outdoor skills/habits because their Scoutmaster does.

There are also too many experienced outdoorsmen who know how to survive in the outdoors, but do not know the outdoor practices of the BSA or how to work with pre-teens and teens in the outdoors.

We prefer and recommend that Scoutmasters, Coaches, and assistants attend a full Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills course. In addition to other prescribed training, Scoutmasters, Coaches, and assistants must complete Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) to be considered trained.

However, if a course is not available to them, tenured Scouters who can demonstrate all the basic outdoor camping skills for the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks and understand the methods related to Boy Scout camping and outdoor program in the IOLS course, may not need to take the full course. They should contact their district training chair and schedule a one-on-one mentoring session with a member of the training team.

We also know a mentored test-out has value. Many tenured leaders probably own the skills and should be able to adequately explain how to demonstrate each one to a member of the training team. The training team mentor should coach the individual through areas where additional help might be needed. Upon completion, the training team member should report the completion of training to the council office and/or enter the course into My.Scouting Tools.

Latest Versions of Leader Training Courses

Here are the latest versions of the most common instructor-led training courses manuals for unit level leaders and where to get them. For Sea Scouts, see

(SS) – Ordered through Supply Group

(TP) – Downloadable via

(CDC) – Available to councils and at Course Directors’ Conferences

(BR) – By request from volunteer development


  • Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster Position-Specific – (TP) – 2014
  • Pack Committee Position-Specific – The Pack Committee Challenge – (TP) – 2014
  • Den Leader Position-Specific – (TP) – 2013
  • Den Leader Position-Specific for LDS Den Leaders – (BR) – 2012
  • Den Leader Position-Specific for Webelos Den Leaders – (TP) – 2013
  • Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader-Specific – (TP) – 2010
  • Varsity Leader Specific – (TP) – 2010
  • Team Committee Position-Specific – The Team Committee Challenge – (TP) – 2014
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills – (TP) – 2010
  • Venturing Crew Advisor Specific – (TP) – 2014
  • Crew Committee Position-Specific – The Crew Committee Challenge – (TP) – 2014
  • Troop Committee Challenge DVD – 610034 (SS) – 2009

Supplemental Leader Training

  • B.A.L.O.O. (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) – (SS) – 2012
  • Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops – ILST – (TP) – 2011
  • Den Chief Training – (SS) – 2012
  • Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews – ILSC – (TP) – 2011
  • Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders – (TP) – 2011
  • This is Scouting – (SS) – 2009


  • The Fundamentals of Training – (TP) – 2013
  • The Trainer’s EDGE (TP) – 2009
  • Kodiak Challenge – (TP) – 2011
  • Powder Horn – (BR) – 2013
  • Wood Badge (CDC) – 2014
  • National Youth Leadership Training (CDC) – 2014

Note: 2014 versions of Scoutmaster and Assistant Position- Specific, Varsity Coach Position-Specific, and Troop Committee Challenge are scheduled to be released this fall.

CubCast and ScoutCast

Have you listened to the award-winning CubCast lately? How about ScoutCast? These are monthly audio podcasts featuring a variety of how-to and information topics for leaders and parents. They are designed to supplement your training and roundtable programs. You can listen to them on-line, download it to share, and/or subscribe to it via RSS feed. Archives of past editions are available too!

Check out Choose CubCast or ScoutCast, and give them a listen!


Team Update

With the advent of Scouting U the members of the Volunteer Development staff have taken on new roles.

Judy Maldonado, Cindy Polman, and Mark Griffin became part of the Learning Delivery Team of Scouting U on April 1st. That 10-member team is responsible for delivering role-based training to all BSA employees, and for working with volunteers to deliver role-based training to volunteers throughout the movement.

Mark was initially the Team Lead of the Learning Delivery Team but was promoted to the role of Area Director in the Central Region and will be leaving Scouting U September 1st. Congratulations Mark!

Staff support of Wood Badge, NYLT, NAYLE, and other BSA leadership skills courses will be provided by the Leadership Development Team and Team Lead Doug Krofina.

Staff support for course design will be given by the Learning Design Team of Scouting U and Team Lead Steve Yackel.

There is currently no change to the National Volunteer Training Committee structure or its leadership. The committee will function at least through the October national committee and executive board meetings. A task force of volunteers is in place to recommend committee changes, if any, to the board at that time. Stay tuned for more information.

Finally, we are pleased to share that our committee chair, Joel Eacker, has been invited to serve on the Philmont Scout Ranch and Training Center Committee. Congratulations Joel!

Program Updates – 2014 and Beyond

2014-2016 promises to be an exciting time for Scouting as all three phases of our traditional Scouting program are updated based on several years of volunteer-led research and development.

Venturing was first up in 2014 with a new program and recognition approach focusing on progressive development in adventure, leadership, personal growth, and service to others.

Updates to Cub Scouting are coming in 2015, and to Boy Scouting in 2016.

Get the latest overview and all the details at the Program Updates page Share the overview and detailed documents with your unit leaders to help them Be Prepared!