Spring 2014

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Spring 2014
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Training Leaders, not just running training courses

New Unit Leader Courses

If you have been reading The Training Times for the past couple of years you know the volunteer training committee has been working on updating the instructor guides for all of the training courses for unit leaders, as well as creating some new courses to fill existing gaps.  Several of these new or updated guides have been released or will be this spring and early summer.

Crew Committee Challenge– Since the inception of Venturing, crew committee members have been required to take the same course as advisors to be considered trained.  The new Crew Committee Challenge is designed especially for crew committees and becomes the course (along with the Venturing version of Youth Protection Training of course) committee members need to be considered “trained.”  Crew Committee Challenge will be added to MyScouting Tools and will use code WS12 in ScoutNET.

Venturing Advisor Position-Specific – While the title only changes a little and the training code (P21) remains the same, the content has changed to match the upcoming program updates and the new Venturing leader manual.

Team Committee Challenge – As with Venturing, Varsity Scout team committee members have been required to take the same course as coaches to be considered trained since the inception of Varsity Scouting.  The new Team Committee Challenge is designed for team committees and becomes the course (along with Youth Protection Training) team committee members need to be considered “trained.”  Team Committee Challenge will be added to MyScouting Tools and will use code WS11 in ScoutNET.

Varsity Coach Position-Specific (The Varsity Vision)– This new course is designed for Varsity Scout adults and youth in areas where there are large numbers of Varsity Scouts.  A version for areas where there are fewer Varsity Scouts, or ones lacking the resources to put on the full Vision course, is under development.  Both courses will use V21 and will, along with Youth Protection Training and Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills, qualify a coach as “trained.”

Pack Committee Position-Specific (The Pack Committee Challenge) – An updated version of pack committee training.  Pack trainers will take this course and Fundamentals of Training to be considered “trained.”  The course retains the C60 code in ScoutNET.

Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster Position-Specific – An updated, stand-alone version of the training for Cubmasters.  The course retains the C40 code in ScoutNET.

Troop Committee Challenge – an instructor-led version of the course is in final development.

Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Position-Specific – An updated course for Scoutmasters and assistants.  Again, S24 remains the code in ScoutNET.  Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills is also being revised to reflect the 2016 advancement program updates.  When these updates are finalized a new version of IOLS will be released.  We expect that to be well before 2016.

The courses above are all instructor-led versions. Mentored e-learning courses and program update modules are being planned in the future for courses where that format is appropriate.  In the meantime existing e-learning courses are still valid for Scouters in districts that do not have convenient training scheduled or whose personal circumstances make that format necessary.
These courses reflect the current program and the 2014 Venturing updates.  However, they were designed and developed with the upcoming program updates in mind so only minor updates (such as the Scout Oath and Law) will be made in the Cub Scouting courses in the spring of 2015 and Boy Scouting courses in 2016.

Check the Training Page often and/or follow us on Facebook for release announcements.  More to come!!

Program Updates

We often get the question “When are the upcoming program updates going to be included in new leader training?”

The basic answer is that we will build them into the instructor guides when the updates actually become a part of the program.  That is because until then we are still operating under the current program and leaders should be delivering that program and not the new.

If you want to see, and share, what is changing in the program before that, go to (or send Scouters to) the program updates page at www.Scouting.org/programupdates

Training Times Archives

You can take a look at older versions of the Training Times by clicking on the word “Archives” on the “Training Updates” page or on the link on www.Scouting.org/training.


Built upon the skills learned in a council National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) course, the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) is the ultimate in hands-on experiential leadership training for our older Scouting youth.

In the past, with the exception of a handful of regional pilot courses, you had to go to Philmont to participate in this unique training opportunity. Often, as is the case again this year, the Philmont courses are sold out!

So, in the spring of 2014 we took those same leadership tools that are taught so well in the Old West environment of the Rocky Mountains and transferred them to the swashbuckling seas in the heart of the Florida Keys.

The first NAYLE course offered at the Florida Sea Base took place in March, and the second in April.  The March course was a tremendous success!  The April course occurred after “press time,” but we expect similar results.
Next, NAYLE is coming to the trapping and trading exploits of the Voyageurs in the Boundary Waters region of the North Woods.  The first NAYLE courses offered at the Charles L. Sommers Canoe Base at Northern Tier will be held during the heart of summer of 2014. Dates are set for Sunday, July 6, to Friday, July 11, 2014, and Sunday, July 13, until Friday, July 18, 2014.

At the conclusion of these courses our NAYLE task force will study the impact and results of the experiences to make plans for 2015.   

By the way, they are also in the preliminary stages of planning a course, or courses, at the Summit in the summer of 2015!

You can find more information and the links to the registration site for the Northern Tier course on the “Youth” page of the www.Scouting.org/training page.

Philmont Training Center

We want to invite you to participate in one of the conferences conducted by the committee for trainers that we will be offering at the Philmont Training Center in Cimarron, New Mexico, in the summer and fall of 2014!

We also hope you will encourage other trainers and Scouters in your area to attend and hope you will share this information with them.  Your trainers play a very important role in the success of Scouting in the lives of youth, and we want them to be a part of the discussion.

At these conferences you will have the opportunity to meet and share ideas with Scouters and trainers from across America.  The conference faculty, selected by our regions and national committees, consists of some of the most talented and skilled men and women in Scouting. 

While trainers are involved in a conference, their spouses and family members are able to enjoy a range of activities led by the PTC staff. There is also be plenty of time and activities for trainers to enjoy PTC with them.

Philmont’s unique blend of Scouting, history, family activities, and the magic of the northern New Mexico Mountains will make the conferences a memorable family experience.

2014 Training Committee Conferences at PTC

June 8-14
Delivering Training to Unit Leaders
T-Cubed (T3) – Train The Trainer
 July 20-26
Building Youth-Led Units-Training Youth and Adult Leaders
Philmont Leadership Challenge
July 27-August 2
Delivering Training to Unit Leaders
August 3-9
Training Your Troop Leaders
Training Your Venturing Crew Leaders
 September 14-20
Philmont Leadership Challenge

You can find more information about these and all PTC conferences at www.philmonttrainingcenter.org, and you can register for a PTC conference at www.myscouting.org on the “Event Registrations” page.

CubCast and ScoutCast

Have you listened to the award-winning CubCast lately? How about ScoutCast?  These are monthly audio podcasts featuring a variety of how-to and information topics for leaders and parents. They are designed to supplement your training and roundtable programs. You can listen to them on-line, download them to share, and/or subscribe to them via RSS feed.  Archives of past editions are available too!

These are some of the 24 topics on CubCast and ScoutCast in 2013:

Unique Challenges with the Eagle Scout Process
Working with Problem Parents
Technology and Your Troop
How to Handle Boys in the Troop With ADD, ADD/ADHD,
and Special Needs
How to Handle Bullying in the Troop
The Joy of Den Chiefs
Engaging Parents
Working With Core Values/Monthly Themes and
Your District Roundtable
Planning the Cub Scout Year

Check out www.scouting.org/Scoutcast. Choose CubCast or ScoutCast, and give them a listen!  New episodes are available the first of every month.

Course Director Conferences

Course director conferences for the course directors of Wood Badge and NYLT courses are being finalized in locations across the United States.

Registration links for these conferences for approved course directors, assistants, and advisors can be found on www.scouting.org/training/Adult under “Course Director and Area Training Conferences” as soon as the details for each conference are complete.

These conferences are not only required for Wood Badge course directors, but they are also a great opportunity to learn from other Scouters.  Additionally, this is where the 2014-15 updates to the Wood Badge and NYLT syllabi will be distributed and reviewed.  In some areas the conferences have been expanded to include other trainers.  Take a look at the information on the registration page for these area training conferences.


Are you on Facebook?  If so, have you found the BSA training page?  We have about 6,000 “likes,” and the number is growing every day.  Encourage your Facebook friends to join us. You can find the page at www.facebook.com/BSAtrainingteam.

NYLT – Leadership Academy

Looking for a way to make your NYLT staff members even better? NYLT-Leadership Academy can do just that. Having its genesis in the former National Junior Leader Instructor Course (NJLIC), Leadership Academy is the premier train-the-trainer for youth staff for your local NYLT. This course prepares youth to be world-class presenters and instructors in a way that no other course does.

Our goal is to make this course available to more people in more locations, but for now, you’ll need to join us in the Washington, D.C. area to enjoy the benefits of this one-of-a-kind training. Courses are scheduled for July 6-12, 2014, and July 13-19, 2014.

For more details go to www.NYLT-LeadershipAcademy.org.

Wood Badge Staff

Last fall it was shared at the Wood Badge course directors’ conferences that the phrase “for the 21st Century” had been removed from the title of the course.

This change was recommended by the leadership development task force and approved by the volunteer training committee.  The members felt that the course had been around for over a dozen years and that part was no longer necessary.

At the same time, we removed the requirement that a staff member must have attended only the 21st Century version of Wood Badge to serve on a Wood Badge staff.
The wording in the 2013 printing of the Administration Guide is:
To serve on a Wood Badge staff, a Scouter must

  • Be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America and a strong supporter of the local council.
  • Have completed a Wood Badge course and received the Wood Badge beads.


It will be further clarified in the 2014 syllabus as it relates to qualifications of course directors.

To be a course director a Scouter must have completed the current version of Wood Badge as either a participant or a staff member and received the Wood Badge beads, and must meet all of the other requirements to be a course director as outlined in the current syllabus.

That all means that an otherwise qualified, and approved, Scouter who earned their beads in the version of a Wood Badge course prior to the current version can now serve on the staff of a Wood Badge course.  But they cannot just “jump back in” as a course director.  They must fulfill the other necessary staff roles first.

The Training Times is a publication of Scouting University.

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Doug Krofina – Leadership Development Team

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