Summer 2013

The Training Times

Summer 2013
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Training Leaders, not just running training courses!

Youth Protection Training

Have you checked your Youth Protection Training (YPT) status lately? It is easier now that MyScouting Tools is up and running, but it still depends on you linking your membership ID number(s) to your MyScouting account.

The two biggest issues we find preventing a unit, district, or council from getting all active direct-contact leaders YPT trained are not linking the ID number and unrenewed YPT. Remember, YPT must be taken every two years.

At the end of June 81 councils had over 90% of their leaders CURRENT with YPT! We of course are looking for 100%, but we need to be realistic and leader turnover prevents some councils from 100%, and there is no reason that every council is not in this group of councils who have made the effort to be sure every leader is trained. Hats off to the Top 10 YPT Councils for June:

Tidewater Council

Mobile Area Council

Rio Grande Council

East Carolina Council

Minsi Trails Council

Buffalo Trace Council

Jayhawk Area Council

Five Rivers Council

Longhouse Council

Moraine Trails Council

It is very important that we do all we can to protect our youth and that we stay up to date on how we can all do Scouting Safely. Be sure to bookmark, share, and visit the Youth Protection web site:

Venturing Training

After countless hours of research and work, the Venturing sub-committee of the National Strategic Plan’s 4.1.1 task force, has made its recommendations for updates in the Venturing program. These proposed program enhancements will take effect in May of 2014. So in the mean time we’re busy writing new training to match the changes. Be on the lookout for a new and unique training for Crew Committee members, entitled… The Crew Committee Challenge.

In addition, we will be giving a much needed facelift to the current Venturing Leader Specific Training, and writing four new youth training components that will support the changes in the recognition model. These will include, “Mentoring Others,” “Goal Setting,” and “Project Management.” As a bonus, Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews will be regaining its unique Venturing feel as we update it to be more relevant to the Crews of today.

CubCast and ScoutCast

Have you listened to the award-winning CubCast lately? How about the new (this year) ScoutCast?

These are monthly audio podcasts featuring a variety of how-to and information topics for leaders and parents. They are designed to supplement your training and roundtable programs. You can listen to them on-line or download them to share. Archives of past editions are available too!

ScoutCast editions so far this year have included How to Handle Bullying in the Troop, How to Handle Boys in the Troop With ADD, ADD/ADHD, and Special Needs, Economic Diversity in Your Troop, and more!

Check out, choose CubCast or ScoutCast, and give them a listen!

Changes to Advanced Leadership Training

While any major updates to Wood Badge and NYLT are still a few years away, there have been a few minor tweaks and a bit of fine tuning going on with both of these programs.

After more than a decade of success, it’s time we dropped the tag line and go back to our roots. Wood Badge for the 21st Century is simply going to be called Wood Badge. Don’t worry; we have decided not to rename all of the animals in the forest.

The next big change you’ll notice is the addition of a new session to both NYLT and Wood Badge. We all know the importance of servant leadership, so we’ve allocated more time to discuss this vital aspect of guiding others.

While the video changes won’t happen this year, we have addressed the questions surrounding the Vision module found in NYLT, and we think you’ll find it to be a great example of turning lemons into lemonade.

Lastly, we’ve updated the Powder Horn syllabus. The most significant change is the elimination of the requirement for all Powder Horn course directors to attend a Course Director’s Conference. Be sure to read the verbiage carefully as you strive to provide the best course possible.

Course Director Conferences

Course director conferences for the course directors of Wood Badge and NYLT courses have been scheduled this fall in each region.

Registration links for approved course directors can soon be found on under Application for a Council to Conduct Wood Badge, Powder Horn, and NYLT.

In some areas the conferences have been expanded to include other trainers. Take a look at the information for these area training conferences.

Training Certificate

An updated Training Award Certificate (SKU 617443) which includes the Den Leader Training Award, the Scouter’s Training Award, and the Scouter’s Key is now available through Supply.

By the way, keep in mind the knots are not the awards. They are representatives of the award Scouts and Scouters can wear on their field uniform. The real awards are the medal or ribbons.

Rayado Ridge Leadership Camp

For many years Rocky Mountain Scout Camp was the location of advanced youth and adult leadership training at Philmont. As you may or may not be aware, it has become necessary to close RMSC to overnight camping due to its proximity to a Philmont dam and reservoir. While RMSC will still be used for day activities at PTC, the need was created to build a new leadership training facility at the ranch.

Thanks to a generous gift from national executive board member and former Circle 10 Council president Jack Furst, a new site has been constructed on a ridge above the Rayado settlement at Philmont.

This “new” location was actually the location of leadership training at Philmont for many years before moving down to the Rayado River site and then to RMSC. The new site will be ready and open this summer for courses, and will be known as the Rayado Ridge Leadership Camp.

Jack has served as a Wood Badge course director at Philmont and is an advocate for leadership training and Philmont. He was also the leader of the effort to acquire and build the Summit! Jack is a true Servant Leader and we are blessed by his support for leadership training.

Jack knows firsthand the value of these courses and is appreciative of those who made them possible for our youth and adult leaders. So, Jack requested, and was granted, the right to suggest names for the site and its key features to recognize those who were instrumental in the development of 21st Century Wood Badge, NAYLE, the Philmont Leadership Challenge, and related leadership training at Philmont.

Local councils who wish to conduct a Wood Badge or NYLT course at the site can contact the Philmont Training Center for fees, open dates, and information.

Bullying Prevention Training

Check out the “Supplemental Training” page on for two bullying prevention courses (each with self-study and instructor-led versions) you can use in your unit or service area – Stop Bullying Now: Tips for Scouting Leaders and Stop Bullying Now: Tips for Scouts.

National Training Conferences

As the summer moves along, the National Training Committee conferences at the Philmont Training Center are adding new vitality to trainers in units, councils, and districts. Conferences the likes of the NAYLE, Master Trainer, Conducting Advanced Leadership Training, Training Your Troop’s Youth Leaders, and Training Your Crew’s Youth Leaders have brought more participants and their families to the Villa Greensward. This fall’s Philmont Leadership Challenge will close out the year in style.

There are still some openings for the trainer conferences in July and August:

July 28-August 3

  • Training Pack Adult Leadership
  • Training Troop Adult Leadership

August 4-10

  • Volunteer & Professional Relationships
  • Delivering Training to Unit Leaders

August 11-17

  • T-Cubed (T3) – Train The Trainer
  • The Patrol Method

Visit for more information on these and all conferences and make PTC a part of your 2013 Scouting year.

The schedule of the 2014 Philmont Training Center conferences is also now available.

The January 2014 Winter Conferences at the Florida Sea Base are now accepting participant registrations! This winter there will be a two week array of conferences for Scouters seeking to learn from premier subject matter experts and national committee members from throughout the nation. It is the perfect time to get away from the snow and head to the Keys while learning more about subjects that will help you, your unit, your district, and your council. It is also a perfect way to network with Scouters from all over the nation.

January 12th-17th

  • Venturing, The NEW Vision
  • BSA’s Formula for Growth
  • Overview of Commissioner Service
  • Advancement Conference (CEAA)

January 20th-25th

  • Bringing Youth to Christ Through a Baptist Scouting Ministry
  • Conducting Advanced Leadership Training
  • STEM Conference
  • Delivering Training to Unit Leaders

To register, go to or, and click on the registration link found under the box titled 2014 Florida Sea Base Volunteer Training Conferences. Registration fees are $425 per conference participant and $325 per non-conference attending spouse. Conference fees include: dorm housing, meals, bedding & towels, and course materials.

Note that PTC and Sea Base offerings are “conferences” and not “courses.” Your participation will be part of a two-way conversation with the faculty facilitators. The conference facilitators, along with national council volunteers and staff, share the latest in subject matter and what is being planned and developed for the future. In exchange they seek your best practices and feedback as we all work to enhance our Scouting programs. Then you take what you learn and spread the magic of these great places to your service area.

Come enjoy our spectacular training and Scouting venues while meeting some of the nation’s best trainers from across the country.

Membership Standards Training

The BSA has formed a task force to prepare information to help members, families, supporters, and interested organizations better understand the recent membership standards resolution.

Members of the volunteer training team are working with the task force to prepare the information. The goal of the task force is to have the materials ready for sharing with local council professional leadership at the August Top Hands Conference. Followed by immediate distribution via

The October Training Times will also have all details.

MyScouting Tools

Have you looked at MyScouting Tools lately? At “press time” (late June) the BSA’s Information Delivery Group was about to release some new tools including:

  • Ability to add administrators to the unit or district Key-3
  • Ability to update and report training records
  • Ability to indicate patrol, den, squad or other unit sub-group
  • Ability to add social network information
  • Ability to add additional personal info such as employer, awards earned, etc.
  • And more! or

NAYLE is Setting Sail!

If you’re not that familiar with the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE), you’re probably not alone. NAYLE is the ultimate in hands-on experiential leadership training for our older youth. It follows NYLT in the continuum of youth leadership training.

NAYLE was designed to be run at the Philmont Scout Ranch, and takes advantage of Philmont’s unique history, geography and resources. While many attending have described it as the pinnacle of their Scouting training, attendance has been somewhat challenging for those youth who must travel great distances to attend. We’re working to solve that dilemma.

After a handful of pilots and over a year of development, we are pleased to announce NAYLE at the Florida High Adventure Sea Base. That’s right. We’ve taken those same leadership tools that are taught so well in the old west environment of the Rocky Mountains and transferred them to the swashbuckling seas in the heart of the Florida Keys.

Our first courses will be offered this coming spring 2014; during the time of spring break for many of our youth. The first course is set for Saturday, March 15 to noon on Friday, March 21, 2014, with the second course running from Saturday, April 12 until noon on Friday, April 18, 2014. Be looking for links to the registration site at, and stay tuned as this program continues to grow across all of our high adventure bases.


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Vision and Mission Statements – Volunteer Training


We enable a learning culture that supports regions, areas, and councils to deliver effective, fun, and accessible training to all adult and youth leaders.


It is the mission of the Volunteer Training Team to support the mission of the Boy Scouts of America by: Working cross-functionally with stakeholders, producing training resources, products, and strategies which enable councils to deliver effective, fun, and accessible training to all adult and youth leaders.

Creating opportunities to enhance leadership skills in youth and adults through advanced training.

Continually assessing our training and delivery model to ensure relevant and effective training for both the current and future states of an evolving Boy Scouts of America.

The Training Times is a quarterly publication of the Volunteer Training Team of the Program Impact Committee of the BSA.
Joel Eacker, Volunteer Committee Chair
Mark Griffin, Volunteer Development Team Leader
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