Use these resources to learn about the BeAScout campaign and prepare for fall recruiting.

General Information

An overview of the 4-step BeAScout process

What Is BeAScout?

Details about the process with screen shots

The Unit Leader’s Role

Tasks for unit leaders that the council should communicate

Setting Contact Information

How to set unit contacts and council contacts to handle parent queries

How Units Manage BeAScout Leads

Leads! That’s what will make your unit grow. BeAScout helps generate leads. Both councils and units are responsible for managing leads. This document will explain how units can manage leads from MyScouting.

BeAScout Dashboard

District executives, youth-serving executives, and Scout executives can manage any BeAScout task from MyBSA.

BeAScout Marketing Tips

You’ve taken the training, passed some information to your staff and volunteers, asked unit leaders to set up their pins, and reviewed the process for following up on leads. So you’re ready to tackle fall recruiting using your new BeAScout tools. There’s just one more thing to do—Advertise!

Fall Roundup Checklist

As School Night and fall recruiting approach, you will want to make sure you’re ready to use the new BeAScout tool. Here is a checklist of tasks that can help you make the most of your BeAScout resources.

Training Resources

Right-click on any of the following to save the file on your computer. Then modify, if needed, and use as training resources for staff and unit leaders.

BeAScout Webinar Presentation

The PowerPoint file used in the national webinars that councils can modify to train unit leaders

Sample Newsletter Article

An article that may be published in the council newsletter or other publications

Sample BeAScout Graphic

The image used to market BeAScout

Video Resources

Marketing Video

A promotion from Marty Walsh, director of Membership Impact and Michael Ramsey, manager of Marketing Communications and Brand Management

To download the video for sharing with unit leaders at roundtables, program kickoff, and membership kickoff meetings, right-click on the link above and select “Save Target As.”