“…Physically Strong, Mentally Awake…”

Parts of our Oath and Law ask us to strive for a healthy lifestyle.  That is especially important as we navigate through the COVID pandemic.  Along with a focus on our own personal health and wellness during times like these, our Scouting spirit demands that we also reach outward.  That we help others around us in their quest to stay healthy and safe.  Whether it’s learning CPR or making face coverings, there are many ways…big and small…to focus on Health & Wellness this summer.  Here are a few ideas.  Get creative!  Make it your own, and make it count!  

Ideas to get you started… 

  • Learn CPR and teach it to someone else (after getting certified) 
  • Organize a neighborhood blood drive 
  • Repair bicycles and teach bike safety to neighborhood children  
  • Wearing appropriate gear, disinfect playground equipment in your neighborhood park
  • Create and distribute pamphlets and posters about making healthy eating choices 
  • Teach a first aid workshop in your neighborhood  
  • Make and donate face coverings to schools and religious institutions in your area
  • Conduct an 8-Hours of Sleep challenge with your family for 30 days 
  • Work with your School Nurse and PE Coaches to develop a fitness challenge for your school 

What is an appropriate project? 

As you are developing your ideas, please keep the following in mind: 

  • The service should adhere to and follow BSA standards and guidelines (i.e., Cub Scouts should not use power tools, YPT standards must be followed, etc.) 
  • The impact of any project should not benefit Scouting (i.e., trail maintenance at camp) 
  • Although Scouting should not directly benefit from the project, Scouting events can be launch points for serving the community (i.e., days of service as part of summer camp programming) 
  • You have flexibility to define what “service” is to you and identify topic areas that best resonate with you

Safety Guidance


When in doubt, ask!  If you have questions about the appropriateness of a service project, talk with your unit leader.  Unit leadership will be able to provide guidance as needed.