Webelos Scout Supernova Award

Please use the Advancement Report, No.34403, as documentation for the Nova Award. Submit the Supernova Award Application, below, as instructed in the requirements.

Submit any questions regarding the Nova or Supernova awards to program.content@scouting.org

Effective June 1, 2015, the rank requirements for Cub Scouts are changing (see www.scouting.org/programupdates for these new requirements). Cub Scouts currently working on the Nova awards or one of the Supernova awards have two options:

Complete the award no later than December 31, 2015, using the requirements as published in the current Cub Scout Nova Awards Guidebook (No. 34032)
Complete the award using the requirements published here.

To earn the Webelos Scout Supernova award, you must be a Webelos Scout who is active with a den. With your parent’s and unit leader’s help, you must select a council-approved mentor who is a registered Scouter. You may NOT choose your parent or your unit leader (unless the mentor is working with more than one youth).

If you earned the Cub Scout Supernova award, you must repeat similar requirements while you are a Webelos Scout.

Although it is not a requirement, it is recommended that you earn at least two of the four Nova awards for Cub Scouts before earning the Dr. Charles H. Townes Supernova Award.

Dr. Charles H. Townes Supernova Award

For Webelos Scouts

This Supernova award can be earned by Webelos Scouts like you.


  1. Complete the following Webelos adventures: Adventures in Science, Engineer, and Scouting Adventure.
  2. Complete three of the following adventures: Build It, Building a Better World, Castaway, First Responder, Into the Wild, and Into the Woods.
  3. Find interesting facts about Dr. Charles H. Townes using resources in your school or local library or on the Internet (with your parent’s or guardian’s permission and guidance). Then discuss what you learned with your mentor, including answers to the following questions: What very important award did Dr. Townes earn? What was Dr. Townes’ most famous invention?
  4. Find out about five other famous scientists, technology innovators, engineers, or mathematicians approved by your mentor. Discuss what you learned with your mentor.
  5. Speak with your teacher(s) at school (or your parents if you are home-schooled) OR one of your Cub Scout leaders about your interest in earning the Webelos Scout Supernova award. Ask them why they think math and science are important in your education. Discuss what you learn with your mentor.
  6. Participate in a science project or experiment in your classroom or school. Discuss this activity with your mentor.
  7. Do ONE of the following:
    1. Visit with someone who works in a STEM-related career. Discuss what you learned with your mentor.
    2. Learn about a career that depends on knowledge about science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Discuss what you learned with your mentor.
  8. Under the direct supervision of your mentor, do an experiment that shows how the scientific method (or scientific process) is used. Prepare a short report on the results of your experiment for your mentor.
  9. Participate in a Nova- or other STEM-related activity in your Webelos Scout den or pack meeting that is conducted by a Boy Scout or Venturer who is working on his or her Supernova award. If this is not possible, participate in another Nova- or STEM-related activity in your den or pack meeting.
  10. Submit an application for the Webelos Scout Supernova award to the district STEM or advancement committee for approval.