National Commissioner's Podcast

Tico Perez

Throughout his involvement with Scouting, Tico Perez has worked tirelessly to strengthen the organization in underserved communities. As our new National Commissioner, Tico will bring his great talents as a communicator to a job that also requires a desire to bring the best program to every child. Before taking on this new role, Tico chaired the Southern Region Hispanic Scouting Task Force and the National Scoutreach Committee. In 2006, he facilitated a Scoutreach conference at the Philmont Training Center.

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Episode Menu

Tico is working on new podcasts that will be available soon for you to enjoy!

Commissioners Update - Summer 2008
In this episode, Tico gives us his personal take on some of the big changes to come later this summer.

A Look at Sea Scouting - Summer 2008
In this episode, Tico takes a look into one of our oldest programs to learn it may be one of the best-kept secret successes in the movement.

Soccer and Scouting - Summer 2008
In this episode, Tico talks with Southern Region's Oscar Santoyo about this rapidly-growing program, we come up with some surprising findings.

Update on the 100th Anniversary - Summer 2008
Tico gets the scoop on the big celebration coming up in 2010, find out what's in it for us, the commissioners.

What's up with Scout Parents? - Summer 2008
In this episode, Tico gets the low-down on the Scout Parent initiative from National's Keith Christopher, asking the questions all commissioners would like to ask about this new initiative.

Welcome to the New National Commissioner! - Summer 2008
In this episode, Central Florida Councils' Tico Perez takes over as our top commissioner, with this candid discussion with outgoing commissioner Don Belcher.

A Quick Look at Venturing - Fall 2007
In this episode, Don chats with our co-educational program's National president, Dave George. They discuss what commissioners should know about this rapidly-growing teen Scouting program.

Quality Customer Service, Part One - Fall 2007
Don visits with Stephanie Ricketts, Council Commissioner in Greater Cleveland as they discuss putting together a quality commissioner team for the council.

Quality Customer Service, Part Two - Fall 2007
Don continues his discussion of the effective commissioner team with Rick Hillenbrand, from National Capital Area Council in Bethesda Maryland. In this chat, they focus on bringing diversity onto the commissioner team.

Tracking Unit Visitation - Fall 2007
Don discusses a new tool for tracking units visits with John McCollum from Circle Ten Council, in Texas. Don shows us how unit visitations are vital to attaining the Centennial award.

The Annual Service Plan - Fall 2007
Don and Stan Child, Council Commissioner in the Great Salt Lake Council talk about how to lay out the kind of plan that can result in quality unit service.

Youth Retention - Spring 2007
Don focuses on how to retain more youth in Scouting. We hear how one local council has enjoyed special success, then we discuss the tools that let more youth enjoy a better program for a longer time.

Commissioner Recruiting - Spring 2007
Don probes the winning ways to having enough commissioners to serve in every unit. One council shares their 10-step process that has provided them with unusually successful recruitment record.

Unit Centennial Quality Award Review - Spring 2007
Don "opens the hood" on the Centennial Quality Unit Award, showing us how to help turn the six criteria into concrete and achievable goals for unit leaders.

Importance of Monthly Unit Visits by Commissioners - Winter 2006
Don talks about one of the single most important thing we do as commissioners, and tells us how to do it best.

Centennial Quality Awards - Winter 2006
Don Belcher introduces the concept for this new award program as a part of the 100th Anniversary celebration of the Boy Scouts of America—the perfect for tracking unit, district, and council delivery of a quality program.

The Parent Initiative - Winter 2006
Don Belcher discusses the 2006-2010 national Strategic Plan and its implications for commissioners.

Membership Validation - Winter 2006
Reliable membership data is essential for the credibility of the council's claims to true public service. Don Belcher gives us a clear grasp of this important process, likening it to a physical check-up.