“To carry out all the duties and work of a Scout properly, one has to be strong, healthy, and active.”

Robert Baden-Powell


Presidential Active Lifestyle Award

Open to all youth and adult members and alumni of all BSA programs. Meet a daily activity goal of 30 min / day (adults) and 60 min / day (under 18 yrs) for 5 days / week for 6 out of 8 weeks.


Fifty percent of teens begin to self-medicate with OTC medicines in their homes as early as age 11. Designed to complement existing Scouts BSA and Venturing program materials, this program consists of four 15-minute exercises that can be led at regularly scheduled meetings.

SCOUTStrong Healthy Unit

Commit to three healthy practices at your regular unit meetings – fruit & veggie snacks, water, physical activity – and everyone earns a patch!

“The biggest hit was the fruit and vegetable tasting. Kids tried new ones, learned to identify them, and then saw them as part of a healthy plate.”

– Sandy Smith, Den Leader, Katahdin Area Council – Maine.


USA Triathlon

Complimentary Membership

USA Triathlon’s CEO, Rocky Harris, has offered all BSA youth members complimentary youth digital annual membership for access to the mobile app, product discounts, online magazine subscription and more. 

Dave Alexander’s Triathlon in a Box

Take your council’s community event to the next level – engage new partners, raise more money, be physically fit. This tool kit has all the resources you need to painlessly coordinate an age-appropriate triathlon.

Splash and Dash

BSA members who are 7 – 15 years old and have a USA Triathlon youth annual membership are eligible to take part in the fun and exciting multisport series.

Merit Badge Correlations

Complete requirements for the athletics, cycling, personal fitness, swimming, sports, water sports and cooking – yes, cooking – merit badges by participating in a USA Triathlon Splash and Dash.

USA Ultimate

Ultimate in 10 Simple Rules

Ultimate was developed in 1968 by a group of students at Columbia High School in Maplewood, N.J. It is unlike most sports due to its focus on self-officiating, even at the highest levels of competition. This concept, called Spirit of the Game, is integrated into the basic philosophy of the sport, written into the rules, and practiced at all levels from local leagues to the World Games.


Apply for a Kit

USA Ultimate’s Learn to Play kits provide new ultimate programs and local youth-serving organizations the tools they need to introduce Ultimate to boys and girls of all ages.

Merit Badge Correlations

Complete requirements for the athletics, personal fitness, sports and cooking – yes, cooking – merit badges by playing a game of Ultimate.

PRO Wellness | Healthy Camp Resources


To ensure camps succeed with transitioning to a healthier menu, healthier trading post products, and implementation of additional physical activity programs.


Watch how Camp Bashore in the Pennsylvania Dutch Council has had success.


  • For more information about the Step Up or Revamp Camp programs contact the BSA Outdoor Programs and Properties Department at
  • Ask your fellow councils and camps about the Step Up Challenge and how you can incorporate it in your camping programs:
    • Bert Adams Scout Camp, Woodruff Scout Camp, Atlanta Area Council
    • Musser Scout Reservation, Cradle of Liberty Council
    • Camp Krietenstein, Crossroads of America
    • Camp Raymond, Camp Geronimo, Grand Canyon Council
    • Alpine Scout Camp, Greater New York Council
    • Eagle Base, Camp Independence, Camp Freedom, Camp Liberty, Laurel Highlands Council
    • Camp Cedars, Mid-America Council
    • MaKaJaWan Scout Reservation, Northeast Illinois
    • Camp Arrowhead, Ozark Trails Council
    • Camp Mack, Bashore Scout Reservation, Pennsylvania Dutch Council
    • Camp V-Bar, Southeast Louisiana Council

The Importance of Being Mentally Awake

The SCOUTStrong commitment of the BSA marks a new milestone in our commitment to total fitness of all participants in BSA programs.  We have long identified and incorporated components of being “physically strong” to enhance individual physical fitness and functioning.  With recognition of importance of being “mentally awake,” we are expanding our awareness of mental and emotional fitness as equally important in achieving success and satisfaction in life.  Toward that end, the Mental Health Taskforce of the National Health & Safety Committee, has identified a number of goals:

  1. Expand awareness of mind, emotions and mental health in BSA program and activities.
  2. Enlighten BSA personnel – professional and volunteer – how to integrate emotional and mental fitness concepts into the overall BSA commitment to youth fitness.
  3. Collaborate with Youth Protection and other relevant BSA programs.
  4. Incorporate appropriate emotional and mental health concepts into BSA advancement, including requirements for emotional fitness in rank advancement and merit badges.
  5.  Develop a practical guide for leaders and scouts to promote mental health and wellness, organized according to principles of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention: 
    • Primary prevention seeks to promote good mental health, through programs to enhance resilience and how to cope with stress.
    • Secondary prevention focuses on keeping crises from occurring.
    • Tertiary prevention addresses dealing with crises.

It has been my privilege to help initiate this project, addressing fitness, prevention and response to crises. As one Scouter shared with me, “Of all the injuries from the dozens of campouts that I have attended, the hardest to ‘mend’ were the emotional issues.”  How to recognize and what to do about these issues are part of this program.

W. Walter Menninger, M.D.