Drugs: A Deadly Game! Factsheet


Drugs: A Deadly Game! is the drug abuse prevention awareness program of the Boy Scouts of America. It is a drug education experience designed to stimulate discussion in small groups and classroom settings and to get children talking—and learning—about the dangers of drug use and abuse.

The newly revised Drugs: A Deadly Game! youth booklet is Choose to Refuse. It replaces Take a Stand Against DRUGS—the booklet referred to in Requirement 7, Fitness Scoreboard, Webelos Fitness activity badge.

Launched in September 2012, the fifth edition speaks to today’s issues, such as:

  • Drug profiles—their basic characteristics
  • Dealing with stress and Bad Fads
  • Drug-Free Kids Represent!
  • The effects of drug abuse, as shown on a body chart
  • The Choose to Refuse Family Pledge
  • The N.I.C.E. way to say, “No”
  • Cough and cold medicines


Each year there are more deaths and disabilities from substance abuse than from any other preventable cause. Of all deaths in the United States each year, one in four is attributable to alcohol, illicit drug, or tobacco use. Every man, woman, and child in America pays nearly $1,000 a year to cover the costs of health care, additional law enforcement, auto accidents, crime, and lost productivity resulting from substance abuse. Teens who smoke or drink heavily are far more likely to abuse other drugs. In 2000, only 4.6 percent of nonsmokers and 4.2 percent of nondrinkers reported using illicit drugs, compared to 42.7 percent of smokers and 65.5 percent of heavy drinkers.


Drugs: A Deadly Game! is intended for all youth, male and female, whether or not they are involved in Scouting.


Drugs: A Deadly Game! materials are ideal for use in classrooms across the country. The program is also appropriate for drug rehabilitation centers, police departments, corporations, religious institutions, and youth groups.

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