Choose to Refuse

Drugs: A Deadly Game! is the drug abuse prevention awareness program from the Boy Scouts of America and Boys’ Life magazine. Drugs: A Deadly Game! presents a set of easily understood facts that will get children talking—and learning—about the dangers of drug use and abuse. Drugs: A Deadly Game! is for all youth, boys and girls—not just Scouts—first grade through high school.

Winter ImageChoose to Refuse

Choose to Refuse is the official youth booklet of Drugs: A Deadly Game!. The 18-page booklet features five drug-free kids who speak to today’s youth about many of the drug-related issues they may possibly face. Choose to Refuse includes a foldout body chart that illustrates the calamitous ill affects caused by drug abuse.

Leader Guide

The Leader Guide helps adults to effectively present Choose to Refuse to boys and girls, first grade through high school.

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Instructions for using the pre- and post-tests may be found in the Choose to Refuse Leaders’ Guide.

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