Session 6. Other Opportunities/Questions/Graduation

Time: 20 minutes
Objectives: Participants will know of other training and support opportunities.
Material needed: District/council calendars, certificates of completion

As you become comfortable with your role in helping your unit succeed, you may wish to share your expertise. You recall that as a COR you are a voting member of the district committee and council.

District Committee

By attending the district committee meeting to report on your unit, you will hear of projects and committees you may wish to become involved in. These committees and projects vary in the amount of time and effort required. Your involvement on the district committee will also expand your network for Scouting help and ideas.

Council Training

The local council conducts a variety of training courses to support your unit and its operation. (Talk specifically about local council training.)

Philmont Training Center

Beyond training offered on the local council level, the BSA offers training on a national level. Philmont Training Center in New Mexico provides “mountaintop” training experiences. Volunteers are exposed to national volunteers and staff.


Another opportunity to strengthen the local Scout unit is the roundtable. Unit leaders get ideas on monthly themes and outdoor ideas, as well as advancement information.

Distribute your district/council calendar.

Review the dates of district committee meetings and roundtables.

Final Questions

Conclude training with an opportunity for participants to ask any final questions.


Share an inspirational thought with the group and distribute certificates of completion.