Session 3. Charter Concept

Time: 20 minutes
Objectives: Objectives: As a result of this session, participants will be familiar with

  • Types of charters granted by BSA.
  • The responsibilities of the chartered organization.
  • The responsibilities of the BSA.
Training aids: Flip chart and markers
Material for distribution: Charter concept handout, council/chartered organization responsibilities handout

Types of Charters

One of the roles of the national organization of the Boy Scouts is to grant charters to use the Scouting program. There are two types of charters issued by the national organization.

Local Councils

Charters are granted to the local council for two purposes:

  1. Extend an invitation to community groups/organizations to use the Scouting program.
  2. Provide supporting services to help community organizations/groups successfully carry out their Scouting programs.

List some of the services a council provides such as:

  • Volunteer and professional counseling
  • Leadership development
  • Program resources
  • Service center
  • Camps and other outdoor facilities
  • Liability insurance protection
  • Assist in the selection of leaders

Local Organizations

Based upon the recommendation of the local council, the national organization grants charters to local organizations to use the Scouting program. The chartered organization uses Scouting

  • Under its own leadership.
  • To serve families and youth for which the organization is concerned (either within the organization, outside the organization, or both).
  • To help the group or organization accomplish its objectives.

Chartered Organization Responsibilities

By receiving a charter from the Boy Scouts of America, the chartered organization agrees to (List the following on a flip chart.)

  • Conduct Scouting in accordance with its own policies and guidelines as well as those of the BSA.
  • Include Scouting as part of its overall program for youth and families.
  • Appoint a chartered organization representative who is a member of the organization and will represent it to the Scouting district and council, serving as a voting member of each.
  • Select a unit committee of parents and members of the organization who will screen and select unit leaders who meet the organization’s leadership standards as well as the BSA’s standards.
  • Provide adequate and secure facilities for Scouting units to meet on a regular schedule with time and place reserved.
  • Encourage the units to participate in outdoor experiences.

Post the above flip chart for later reference.

Local Council Responsibilities

Just as the local organization has responsibilities, the local council has responsibilities to the chartered organizations.

By recommending that an organization receive a charter from the National Council, the local council agrees to (List the following on a flip chart.)

  • Respect the aims and objectives of the organization and offer resources to help meet those aims and objectives.
  • Provide year-round training, service, and support to the organization and units.
  • Provide training and support for the chartered organization representative as the primary communication link.
  • Provide techniques and methods for selecting quality unit leaders and ensuring those selected meet BSA leadership standards.
  • Provide primary general liability insurance to cover the chartered organization and its board, officers, chartered organization representative, and employees against all personal liability judgments. This insurance includes attorney’s fees and court costs as well as any judgment brought against the individual or organization. Unit leaders are covered in excess of any personal coverage they might have, or if there is no personal coverage, the BSA insurance immediately picks them up on a primary basis.
  • Provide camping facilities, service centers, and a full-time professional staff to assist the organization in every possible way.

Post this flip chart for comparison with the local organization’s responsibilities.


Address any final questions on the responsibilities of the chartered organization or the local council.

At this time take a 10-minute break. After the break, begin Session 4.