Training the Chartered Organization Representative

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Note: This is Scouting should be completed prior to this course.

1. Welcome and Introduction 10 minutes
2. Overview of the BSA 20 minutes
  • Overview of Scouting
  • Mission
  • Purposes
  • Organization of the BSA
  • Whole Family
  • Questions
3. Charter Concept 20 minutes
  • Types of Charters
  • Local Councils
  • Local Organizations
  • Chartered Organization Responsibilities
  • Local Council Responsibilities
  • Questions
Break 10 minutes
4. Your Job as a COR 30 minutes
  • Your Responsibilities Are Important
  • Unit Committee
  • Communication With the Council
  • Tasks
  • Resources for Help
5. When You Need Unit Leadership 15 minutes
  • Leadership Is Key to Success
  • Step 1—Gather a Selection Committee
  • Step 2—List the Qualifications
  • Step 3—List the Candidates
  • Step 4—Organization Approval
  • Step 5—Call on the Prospect
  • Step 6—Approach the Prospect
  • Prospect Says Yes; Now What?
6. Other Opportunities/Questions/Graduation 20 minutes
  • District Committee
  • Council Training
  • Philmont Training Center
  • Roundtable
  • Final Questions
  • Inspiration/Graduation
Questions/Training Certificates 10 minutes
Session 1. Welcome and Introduction

Session 2. Overview of the BSA
Some chartered organization representatives (CORs) may not be familiar with the Scouting program. This presentation is to orient the new CORs and...

Session 3. Charter Concept
One of the roles of the national organization of the Boy Scouts is to grant charters to use the Scouting program. There are two types of charters...

Session 4. Your Job as a COR
As a chartered organization representative, you hold a key position in Scouting. While there is honor attached to this position, it is not an...

Session 5. When You Need Unit Leadership
The quality of any program, whether it's a Scouting program or any other program, is directly related to the leadership. The stronger the leader,...

Session 6. Other Opportunities/Questions/Graduation
As you become comfortable with your role in helping your unit succeed, you may wish to share your expertise. You recall that as a COR you are a...