Section 1. Introduction

Section 2. Advancement Defined

Section 3. Guidelines for Advancement and Recognition Committees

Section 4. The Mechanics of Advancement Mechanics of Advancement in Cub Scouting Cub Scout Ranks Mechanics of Advancement in Scouts BSA Four Steps in Advancement Reserved Rank Requirements Overview Mechanics of Advancement: In Venturing Advancement in Venturing The Venturing Summit Award Service Project Time Extensions for Earning the Summit Award Submitting the Summit Award Application Mechanics of Advancement in Sea Scouts Scouts BSA Advancement in Sea Scouts Sea Scout Ranks and Awards The Sea Scout Bridge of Review

Section 5. Special Considerations Advancement in Camp Settings Extended Absence From Scouting Lone Scouting Youth From Other Countries Religious Principles Bestowing Posthumous Awards Spirit of the Eagle Award Using Technology-Based Tools in Advancement

Section 6. Electronic Advancement Reporting

Section 7. The Merit Badge Program About Merit Badge Counselors Merit Badge Counselor Lists The Process of Counseling Merit Badge Miscellany

Section 8. Boards of Review: An Overview for All Ranks Conducting the Board of Review Particulars for Tenderfoot Through Life Ranks Particulars for the Eagle Scout Rank Appealing a Decision Venturing Boards of Review Particulars for the Discovery and Pathfinder Awards Particulars for the Summit Award

Section 9. The Eagle Scout Rank The Eagle Scout Rank Application Process The Eagle Scout Service Project About Eagle Palms Time Extensions

Section 10. Advancement for Members With Special Needs Registering Qualified Members Beyond Age of Eligibility Advancement Flexibility Allowed Advancement for Cub Scouts With Special Needs Advancement in Scouts BSA for Scouts With Special Needs Advancement for Venturers and Sea Scouts With Special Needs

Section 11. Appendix Reporting Merit Badge Counseling Concerns Request for Extension of Time to Earn Eagle Scout Rank Belated Eagle Scout Rank Application Request for Registration Beyond the Age of Eligibility Individual Scout Advancement Plan