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“I have over and over again explained that the purpose of the Boy Scout Movement is to build men and women as citizens endowed with the three H’s namely, Health, Happiness and Helpfulness”
Robert Baden-Powell

For Lord Baden-Powell, Health and Happiness were two of the cornerstones of Scouting.  The Mentally Awake portal helps us to achieve BP’s purpose for Scouting by providing adult leaders with Scouting-relevant tools and resources for understanding and improving the emotional health (hearts) and mental health (minds) of youth in Scouting and preventing emotional and mental health problems. The easy-to-digest, practical articles, tip sheets, and audiovisual materials in this centralized location will guide leaders on ways in which they can teach youth in the BSA how to “Bounce Back,” “Control Stress,” and develop a sense of connectedness with the world around them. In turn, this will support youth and adults in the BSA in becoming happier, more productive, and engaged citizens of their communities and the world.

Chairman’s Chat

Dr. Larry Kubiak (BSA National Advisory Board; Silver Beaver)

Dr. Larry Kubiak is the Emotional Fitness Committee chairman for the SCOUTStrong™ Healthy Living Initiative. Kubiak, who is an Eagle Scout himself, has been involved in Boy Scouting as an adult since 1994. Recognitions received in Scouting as an adult include the Florida Award, Scouter’s Training Award, Scoutmaster Award of Merit, District Award of Merit, Silver Beaver, Scouter’s Key on two occasions, Ph.D. in Commissioner Science, James E. West Fellowship Award, and Distinguished Commissioner Service Award. He is a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow. Professionally, Kubiak is director of psychological services at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. Read more

Dr. W. Walter Menninger, M.D.

The Importance of Being mentally Awake

Dr. W. Walter Menninger, M.D, (BSA National Advisory Board; Silver Buffalo)

We have long identified and incorporated components of being “physically strong” to enhance individual physical fitness and functioning. With recognition of importance of being “mentally awake,” we are expanding our awareness of mental and emotional fitness as equally important in achieving success and satisfaction in life. Read more

The Importance of Being Mentally Awake