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Joggers Live Longer, Possibly Happier, Lives

For those who diligently lace up their running shoes and brave the elements to jog at least an hour a week, there is a very real reward — an average of six more years of life, Danish researchers found. Click here.


10 Ways To Exercise … When You Don’t Have The Time

Think you have no time to exercise? These strategies will help you get fit in just minutes a day! Read more


Fitness: Build More Muscle in Less Time

WHILE YOUR SCOUTS are growing, you’re shrinking. If you’re over the age of 30, man or woman, your muscle mass is declining as much as 2 percent a year. And muscle loss accelerates after age 45. Click here

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Do I Have A Normal Body Mass Index?

BMI is an often-discussed topic today. Learn the basics about this tool doctors use to measure obesity. Click here.






Earn Your SCOUTStrong PALA

An excellent way to start both regular exercise and improved eating habits is to earn a SCOUTStrong Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA). The SCOUTStrong PALA is designed to motivate participants to be physically active on a regular basis by allowing them to participate in activities they enjoy, as well as improving their eating habits. Click here.