SCOUTStrong Healthy Unit Award

Personal fitness is one of the aims of Scouting. To show a commitment to this value and earn the SCOUTStrong Healthy Unit Award, follow three healthy practices at all meetings and gatherings:

  • Snack smart: Serve fruits or vegetables, when you have snacks (three meetings).
  • Drink right: Make water the main beverage (six meetings).
  • Move more: Include 15 minutes of fun physical activity (nine meetings).

Scouts can earn the SCOUTStrong Healthy Unit Award with their den, pack, troop, or crew.


Get Started

Bristol ScoutsRecord progress toward the award using the Healthy Unit Award tracker:

Achievements for each rank that match the Healthy Unit Award activities are listed on each tracker for Cub Scouts. If you are a pack leader tracking progress toward the award, use the Boy Scout version of the tracker.




Resources to bring healthy practices to Scout meetings:


Get Patches


Has your unit earned the award? Congratulations on becoming a SCOUTStrong healthy unit!

Print a certificate for your unit.

Purchase SCOUTStrong Healthy Unit Award patches at


SCOUTStrong Across the Country

Read stories and tips from Scout leaders who have led their units to be SCOUTStrong and healthy!


The SCOUTStrong Healthy Unit Award was developed in partnership with Healthy Kids Out of School, an initiative of ChildObesity180 at Tufts University. Regional funding for Healthy Kids Out of School is provided by the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation.