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After a year of being cooped up inside, it’s time to escape the indoors and help families discover Scouting!  Together, let’s get back outside!  Back to fun, family, and friends!  Back to helping young people become the best future versions of themselves.  We’re all ready to put down our screens (even if just for a few moments) to experience “real”.  Real nature, real friendships, real excitement!  It’s time to help families discover Scouting!  Here are resources to find and engage interested families. 

Marketing Materials 2021

Looking for images, logos, signage and more? Check out the BSA Brand Center for the latest in 2021 customizable recruitment materials. Download, print and go!


One of the best ways to reach families today is through social media. For many of us, the hard part is determining what and when to post. Here’s a social calendar and assets to help you get started. Feel free to customize them for your needs!

Watch the National Membership Kickoff

Did you miss the National Membership Kickoff? No problem! You can watch it here! And share it with your friends!


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