Venturing Crew 1532 participated in the Kodiak Leadership Course

Recently, Venturing Crew 1532, Chartered by the Spanish Fork Area Chamber of Commerce, participated in the Kodiak Leadership Course. The course consisted of canoeing down the Green River and through Labyrinth Canyon. The trip also consisted of an arduous biking trip in extremely hot temperatures along with hiking to Delicate Arch at Arches National Park to watch the sunrise. Through out the trip crew members learned about the five Leadership Commissions; Effective Team, Values/Vision, Communications, Decision Making, and Planning. Many activities went along with these commissions including a blind folded canoe race. Two members, Joy Prior and Kiersta Spendlove, had quite an adventure when their canoe capsized. Luckily neither of them was hurt nor any equipment lost or damaged.

Many means were also used to help protect the crew from the hundreds of swarms of mosquitoes. Many huddled under towels and blankets while others laughed at the social acceptability of slapping each other even if it was to ward of a mosquito.

Despite the hot weather and flesh eating mosquitoes, the crew managed to work together to make the trip a very valuable and fun experience. They look forward to applying all that they learned to future activities.

Advisors consisted of: Gordon Lowe, Janice Lowe, and “Sand Bar” Bob Singson. Crew 1532 members consisted of: Joy Prior, Caleb Prior, Kiersta Spendlove, Jennifer Lowe, Robert Lowe, Jared Frost, Sharyti Henriksen, Bethany Carson, T.J. Besendorfer, Derek Lemon, and Yesel Rodriguez.

The attached photo taken atop the Bow Knot includes (from left to right) Front: Janice Lowe; Middle Row: Yesel Rodriguez, Sharyti Henriksen, Kiersta Spendlove, Joy Prior, Jennifer Lowe, Bethany Caron; Back Row: Derek Lemon, Bob Singson, Jared Frost, Caleb Prior, Teancum (T.J.) Besendofer, Gordon Lowe and Robert Lowe.