Middle Tenn. Council Kodiak 2008 at the new Latimer High Adventure Reservation

The Middle Tennessee Council recently used the Kodiak Leadership Training Course to beta test its new Latimer High Adventure Reservation. Sixty Venturers and their advisors took park in the first ever Kodiak held in Middle Tennessee.

These Kodiak participants took full advantage of the new facility in a strenuous high adventure and leadership training program. While completing the five Kodiak commissions over the course of a week, participants spent two nights backpacking and also enjoyed canoeing, mountain biking, rappelling, and caving activities.

Located along the edge of the Cumberland Plateau approximately two hours from Nashville, this 1500+ acre facility borders over 30,000 additional acres of unspoiled wilderness full of caves, rivers, and majestic waterfalls. Latimer High Adventure Reservation (http://www.latimerbsa.org) is scheduled to formally open in the spring of 2010.