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Venturing Collaboration With Army JROTC

What Does the Army JROTC Program Do?
(From JROTC Web Site)
How Does Venturing Match Up?
1. Teaches awareness, responsibilities, and privileges of citizenship One of three major BSA aims and purposes
2. Develops the student’s personal responsibility Youth led. Teaches needed skills to do that
3. Helps build life skills Reality-based program. Whole program does this
4. Provides leadership opportunities Leadership is a Venturing method. We have several leadership training courses for teens and are developing a new weekend leadership challenge course
5. Motivates young people Challenging program based on high adventure, sports, service, and fun activities with friends
Curriculum encompasses:
1. Communication skills Addressed in guidebooks and training courses
2. Leadership Number one Venturing method
3. Physical fitness Sports award program called Quest
4. First aid, drug-abuse prevention We have a collaboration with the American Red Cross
5. History, citizenship Part of our heritage, background, and purpose
6. Technology awareness Cutting-edge program for teens
7. Other Many national organization relationships result in programs such as shooting, orienteering, sailing, rock climbing, caving, and more


Venturing Collaboration With NJROTC

What Does the NJROTC Program Do?
(From NJROTC Web Site)
How Does Venturing Match Up?
1. Promotes patriotism Venturing Oath and Code
2. Develops informed and responsible citizens One of three major BSA aims and purposes
3. Develops respect for constituted authority Led by youth officer structure with adult Advisors
4. Develops a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance, individual discipline, and leadership Guided by honor code, youth led, provides training for officers, how-to books, and challenging advancement program
5. Promotes an understanding of the basic elements and need for national security Emergency preparedness program
6. Provides information on the military services as a possible career Encourages planning for adulthood
7. Promotes community service Service is one of the Venturing methods
8. Develops leadership potential Leadership is another Venturing method. We have several leadership training courses for teens and will introduce a new leadership challenge course in 2004
9. Provides an alternative to gangs Group activities is a Venturing method
10. Promotes high school completion BSA can host JROTC weekend competitions and leadership development at our camps
11. Provides incentive to live healthy and drug free Sports and fitness program called Quest


Venturing Collaboration With Air Force JROTC

What Does the USAF JROTC Program Do? How Does Venturing Match Up?
1. Builds better citizens for America One of the core missions of the BSA is to develop and foster citizenship.
2. Promotes community service (service before self) Service to others is a core value of Venturing.
3. Fosters character development (integrity first) The mission of Venturing and the BSA is to foster character development of its members.
4. Fosters self-discipline Through the recognition program, members are encouraged to set goals and work toward those goals, thereby reaffirming self-discipline.
5. Instills responsibility Venturing utilizes youth leadership (officers) who are responsible for the planning, leadership, and communication of the Venturing program to its members.


Venturing Collaboration With Marine Corps JROTC

What Does the USMC JROTC Program Do? How Does Venturing Match Up?
1. Develops leadership and build character Youth leadership (officers) and Venturing Code (set of core values)
2. Creates informed patriotic and responsible citizens One of the core missions of the BSA is to develop and foster citizenship
3. Develops responsible young adults who are physically, mentally, and morally fit Again, a core value of the BSA is to foster mental, moral, and physical fitness
4. Develops informed and civic-minded young adults prepared for higher education, civilian careers, and public service Through the recognition program, youth are encouraged to learn life skills and share those new skills with others, thereby preparing for the responsibilities of adulthood
5. Instills discipline, respect, and responsibility through military-related subjects and activities Discipline, respect, and responsibility are values that are caught through the youth’s association with positive role models and through the opportunity to exercise those values in a controlled environment


Venturing Collaboration with the American Red Cross

Venturing Methods What ARC Receives

Teens themselves take an active role in the chapter. Many parents join with their teen, adding new adult leadership for the chapter.

Venturing leadership training:

  1. Venturing Leadership Skills weekend course
  2. Kodiak and Kodiak X (teen leadership) courses
  3. Leadership training and opportunities within the crew
Group Activities Venturing, a proven older-teen program, offers over 25 meeting plans, which are colorful planning, meeting, and activity resource materials. Venturing also maintains a relationship with schools, churches, and other organizations where teens are located for recruiting purposes.
Adult Association Venturing is a proven youth-run and youth-led program that uses adults in an advisor role. Because it is the Boy Scouts of America’s coed teen program, it attracts highly motivated, quality adults.
The Ideals Those involved in Venturing are expected to live by a high set of standards and ideals compatible with the American Red Cross’s purpose and ideals. Venturing has a code and oath.
Program Research indicates that youth join Venturing to enjoy the challenging activities, trips, and experiences with their friends. Venturing offers many program opportunities in addition to those that might be offered related to American Red Cross programming.
Teaching Others One of the primary tenets of the Venturing program, teaching others as a philosophy and as an advancement requirement, gives the program credibility. Teaching others is the highest level of the learning curve.

The bottom line: Venturing can help American Red Cross chapters deliver a successful older-teen program for their communities.