Quick Concept for Respect Wildlife

Grabbing Your Group’s Attention (30 minutes)

Travel to a city park containing wildlife or a wildlife viewing area, or show pictures or slides of wildlife. Ask the group why loud noises and quick movements are stressful to wildlife. Ask if there are particularly sensitive times of the year for wildlife. Once wildlife get food or garbage one time they will return for more. Eventually, wildlife become a nuisance and sometimes endanger people. Live-trapping wildlife and relocating these creatures to remote areas has not been proven effective—only about 15 percent of relocated bears survive after being relocated.

The Activity

Demonstrate how to properly hang a bear bag and then let participants practice hanging one.

The Discussion

Have each participant share observations on what can be done to minimize disturbing wildlife and or wildlife habitat. Discuss the negative effects if these precautions with wildlife are not observed. Discuss ways to view wildlife without harming creatures. Encourage the group to observe wildlife from a distance (using binoculars) so the wildlife are not scared or forced to flee. Remind them how to prevent wildlife from obtaining any human food and the importance of such a guideline.