Special-Purpose Uniforms

While the official uniform should be worn to all den and pack meetings and formal events, the den or pack may designate a special-purpose uniform, such as the Cub Scout Activity Shirt (shown here) to be worn in place of the official uniform shirt for certain activities, such as sporting events or day camp.

Except as noted above, the pack does not have the authority to make changes to the uniform, and should encourage proper uniform use by all members. Specifically:

  • No alteration of or addition to the official uniform, badges, or insignia—or the rules and regulations concerning the wearing of the uniform—is permitted.
  • Uniform parts should not be worn with other clothing.
  • Badges and other insignia should be worn only on the uniform (with the exception of a red patch vest that may be used to display temporary insignia) and only as directed by the Insignia Guide, BSA Supply No. 33066

The local council service center can provide unit leadership with guidance in any instance where the appropriate use of the uniform is uncertain.