Order of the Arrow Involvement

Benefits for the OA Member

  • An Arrowman can be a role model and help a Cub Scout want to be like him
  • An opportunity for an Arrowman to demonstrate and practice leadership and camping skills before an appreciative audience
  • An opportunity for OA members to promote camping
  • Arrowmen can help assure the future of Boy Scouting (more than 90 percent of Boy Scouts were Cub Scouts)
  • An opportunity for OA members to provide cheerful service to Scouting

Benefits for Cub Scouts

  • An opportunity for Cub Scouts to see older Boy Scouts in action and want to be like them
  • Cub Scouts can see camping skills demonstrated by an older youth instead of by adults
  • An opportunity for Cub Scouts to participate in quality outdoor programs
  • Cub Scouts can see themselves as future Arrowmen and be encouraged to continue in Scouting
  • Cub Scouts can have fun with older boys closer to their age than the adult leaders

What the Order of the Arrow Can Do

Sponsor a day event for Cub Scouts
OA members could sponsor an outdoor event for Cub Scouts and their parents. They could demonstrate outdoor skills and the Cub Scouts could experience some hands-on activities. This event could increase the comfort level of leaders and parents who are not campers. It could also lead to increased participation in pack and other outdoor events for Cub Scouts.

Assist during BALOO training
OA members could serve as instructors and provide equipment and demonstrations for many of the training sessions.

Become the liaison to the feeder packs
OA troop representatives could become liaisons to the feeder packs associated with their troop by providing assistance as needed.

Promote Council and District outdoor funtions
OA members could promote district and council outdoor activities that are geared to the Cub Scout level. Ideally, they would also lend assistance at the events.

Provide direct assistance on pack campouts
OA members could assume the role of den chief on a pack campout. They could be involved in the planning, execution, and evaluation of the event.

Serve as a camping resource for pack leaders
The OA members could present camping demonstrations and promotions at roundtables and pack meetings. Also, the OA could assist packs in obtaining necessary equipment for the activities, or providing information on where equipment may be obtained locally for rent or purchase.

Manage or develop a “where to go” booklet for the packs
As the OA already does this task for the troops, it may be a natural fit for the OA to publish a guide for Cub Scouting.

Help with Cub Scout camp work weekends
OA members involved in these activities follow the guidelines and policies of the Cub Scout outdoor programs. In some cases, they may need to be trained in the differences between Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting outdoor programs.