Den and Pack Meetings

Kids in Cub Scouting meet regularly. Weekly den meetings are like stepping-stones: each week a Scout progresses a little further toward the next rank, learning skills as he goes. The monthly pack meetings are like milestones that mark achievements along the Cub Scout trail and celebrate accomplishments along the way.

Den Meetings

Each week, Scouts attend a den meeting with a small group of Scouts at the same grade level. The meeting is conducted by a den leader and an assistant. The den may meet at the home of one of the leaders or at another suitable location. Tigers attend their den meetings with their adult partners; but Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts attend den meetings on their own.

While the meetings include games and other activities that are fun for the Scouts, program delivery is the main goal. Scouts participate in activities and work on projects that are related to an adventure and that help them learn the skills they need to progress in rank. They also prepare to do their part in the monthly pack meeting.

Pack Meetings

The monthly pack meeting brings together Scouts from every den, their leaders, and their families for a large-scale event that showcases all that the Scouts have learned and done in their individual den meetings. Such a gathering gives Scouts a larger experience beyond their own den. It also helps them see how their individual activities fit into the bigger Cub Scout program.

A typical pack meeting begins with a formal opening ceremony. Next, in the program section of the meeting, dens may give presentations and performances that demonstrate what they learned during the month. The program section may also include activities that involve the entire audience, or a featured event.

Another important part of the pack meeting is the formal recognition given to the Scouts who have earned badges, adventure, loops, or other awards, and to leaders who have earned training awards, religious emblems, or other community awards. This is followed by some general announcements and a formal closing ceremony to end the meeting.

Besides bringing together the Scouts in the pack, Cub Scout pack meetings are family events. Parents or guardians, brothers, sisters, and other family members attend. The pack meeting is a social event for the community, bringing together the families of many Scouts.