Newsletter, Poster, and Calendar Templates

Communication is the key to involving Cub Scouts and their families in the activities of the pack. A monthly newsletter and an annual pack calendar can be two of the most important tools in publicizing the pack’s excitement and fun year-round. At pack meetings, you can put up a poster-style version of the newsletter to keep everyone informed.

Sharing the news via a newsletter lets parents see what is available for their child, makes it easy to set aside dates in the family calendar, and encourages families to plan in advance for meetings and activities. Parents who know what volunteer help is needed throughout the year are more willing to volunteer. Pack newsletters should be updated and shared at least monthly and should contain the latest information on pack activities and plans. Having a prepared newsletter and calendar available to new families  in the fall and spring provides a jump-start for families. Displaying posters with updated information at each pack meeting provides another level of communication within the pack.

The pack’s annual calendar should be available shortly after the pack leaders outline the year’s program at the annual pack program-planning conference during the summer months. The calendar is developed with a good mix of pack activities and meetings; special days like Scouting Anniversary Day and Good Turns; local council and district activities and events; and an active summer program filled with summertime pack activities, Cub Scout day camp, and Cub Scout resident camp.

News for each newsletter and poster:

  • Dates to remember for the next few months
  • Pack meeting plans
  • Leader contact information
  • Theme of the pack meeting
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Parent volunteer opportunities
  • Training dates/times/locations
  • How new families can join the pack
  • Registration and payment due dates for camps and activities
  • Advancement procedures

Special features throughout the year:

  • Blue and gold banquet plans
  • Summertime activities
  • Scout Sunday/Sabbath plans
  • Fund-raising events
  • Field-trip plans and equipment
  • Pack overnighters
  • Parent orientation opportunities
  • Uniform tips
  • Campership/scholarship deadlines
  • Religious emblems program
  • Friends of Scouting
  • Anniversary Week celebration
  • Leader biographies

These tools should make it easy to have up-to-date newsletters and calendars ready when you need them:

Pack calendar template (2017-2018)

Fill in dates and events in the spaces provided. Save and print or e-mail. It’s that easy! When you first know about an addition or change to pack activities, add that to the calendar so it will always be up to date and ready to print or send.

Pack newsletter template (Excel). Save the template file, then “Save As” for your first newsletter. This file includes two worksheets (see tabs at the bottom of the screen). Enter the information you want in the newsletter in the “Type Information Here” worksheet. Save the file. Then go to the “View&Print Newsletter” tab to see if the newsletter is as you want it to be. Make any changes on the “Type Information Here” worksheet. (See note* below.) When the newsletter is as you want it, save the file and then print it. If you plan to e-mail the file, first delete the “Type Information Here” worksheet so that the recipients will only get “View&Print Newsletter.”

Pack poster templates.


*Note: The worksheets are protected without a password to allow changes only in certain cells and prevent mistakes. To learn how to change those protected cells in your version of Microsoft Excel®, search for “protection” in the Excel help section. We recommend, that after you make the intended changes, you protect the worksheet to prevent unintended changes.)