Resources for New Leaders

If you are a new leader in Cub Scouting, here are some key resources that youshould review so that you can get your den or pack up and running, right fromthe start.

New Leader Brochures
This series of brochures was designed to provide an at-a-glance orientation for new Cub Scout leaders.

So You’re a New Tiger Cub Den Leader (No. 510-233) [PDF]
So You’re a New Cub Scout Den Leader (No. 510-239) [PDF]
So You’re a New Webelos Den Leader (No. 510-247) [PDF]
So You’re a New Cubmaster (No. 510-237) [PDF]
So You’re a New Pack Committee Member (No. 510-240) [PDF]
So You’re a New Den Leader (English/Spanish) (No. 510-240) [PDF]