Program Aides


Planning Your Annual Pack Budget

  • Pack Operating Budget Worksheet PDF | Excel

Campfire Program Planner, No. 33696
Climb On Safely, No. 430099
Cub Scout Day Camp, No. 13-33815
Cub Scouting for Boys With Disabilities
Cub Scout/Webelos Scout Outdoor Program Guide
Individual Campout Checklist for Pack Overnighter
Informed Consent Agreement (Permission Slip)
National Standards for Cub Scout/Boy Scout Resident Camps, No. 430-111
National Standards for Local Council Accreditation of Cub Scout/Webelos Scout Day Camps for Precamp and Operational Accreditation, No. 430-109
National Standards for Council-Organized Family Camps, No. 430-408
Outdoor Events for New Cub Scouts
Outdoor Program Guidelines
Pack Meeting Planning Sheet
Pack Overnighter Site Approval Form
Resident Camping for Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts, and Parents, No. 13-33814
Tour Plan, No. 680-014
Unit Money-Earning Application, No. 34427
How Do I Rate as an Effective Leader?
So You’re a New Cubmaster
So You’re a New Den Leader
So You’re a New Pack Committee Member
So You’re a New Tiger Cub Den Leader
So You’re a New Webelos Den Leader
Activity Consent Form and Approval by Parents or Legal Guardian (Permission Slip)