The Pack Trainer

New leaders and adult family members should receive orientation within one week of joining the pack, and leaders should be encouraged to receive position-specific training within 30 days. The goal of the pack trainer is to get 100 percent of the pack leadership trained in their position responsibilities.

Qualifications: Is at least 21 years old and is registered with the BSA as a pack trainer. It is recommended that the pack trainer have at least one year of experience in a leadership position in Cub Scouting, preferably as a den leader.

Pack trainers should be trained at a district or council trainer development conference. The pack committee selects the pack trainer with the approval of the chartered organization. For new packs and those lacking experienced leaders, an experienced leader from the district training team or another pack may be appointed as pack trainer until the new leaders gain experience.

Responsibilities: The pack trainer is responsible for:

  • Conducting orientation of new families and pack leaders.
  • Encouraging pack leaders to attend Fast Start training, Position-Specific leader training, This Is Scouting, and Youth Protection training.
  • Conducting Unit Leadership Enhancements training modules during pack leaders’ meetings.
  • Encouraging pack leaders to attend ongoing training such as roundtable, pow wow, BALOO, Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders, and Wood Badge for the 21st Century.
  • Remaining current with training material and program updates.
  • Keeping track of pack training records.
  • Ensure that all den chiefs have the opportunity to attend Den Chief Training.