Training for Patrol Leaders

Scouting takes pride in giving youth members unique leadership opportunities and training. Patrol leaders may have the opportunity to participate in all or some of the following leadership training.

Introduction to Leadership

This is the first step of leadership training. It is usually conducted by the Scoutmaster within a few days after a troop election. It may last no more than an hour, but it should cover the responsibilities of a patrol leader and the needs for upcoming events within the troop.

Troop Junior Leader Training

This is a daylong training conference conducted by the Scoutmaster and senior patrol leader. Its purpose is to reinforce the patrol method and to allow members of the patrol leaders’ council to set goals for themselves, their patrols, and their troop.

Council Junior Leader Training

Many councils offer weeklong junior leader training conferences at their camps for key troop leaders. This course supplements troop training and introduces leadership skills in an outdoor environment.

National Leadership Seminars

These Order of the Arrow leadership seminars take place over a weekend and focus primarily on the skills and attributes of leadership. Youth participants should be at least 15 years of age or a lodge officer.