Polaris Method Projects

This is a list of all the in-progress, delayed, and complete Polaris Projects. These links are to SharePoint folders that require a Scouting.org SSO to access. If you are a volunteer and want access to these files, please ask your Scouting professional to share the information with you.

We have made this a public webpage so anyone in the BSA can see all the projects. This is a great place to come and explore when you are trying to resolve an issue. If someone else has done something similar, you can borrow from them and personalize it. This page is meant to improve transparency and organizational efficiency.

If you have any questions about the Polaris Projects, or the Polaris Method, please email PolarisMethod@scouting.org for more information.

Project Name Link to Folder Team Lead Status
Beyond the Pew (Membership Diversity) Link Colin Lemon In-Progress
Boosting Employee Morale in Council Services Department (Morale Makers - M&M's)  Link Joshua Burke In-Progress
Borrow, Don’t Buy … What’s In Your Closet?  Link Karen Rash In-Progress
Business Case for Sea Scouts & Venturing (Young Adult Business Case) Link Pamela Petterchak In-Progress
DE Retention & Workforce Diversity (Focus on Our People) Link Carol Whitebook Delayed
Digitizing Merit Badge Requirements (21st Century Merit Badge Pamphlets) Link Christen Oswald In-Progress
Help Desk Onboarding Training (New Operation On-Boarding) Link Valerie Eaton In-Progress
Improving RSS Month End Close (Operation 11-59-59) Link Cody Schultz In-Progress
Increasing School Access (Operation Back to School) (2020) Link Michael Ramsey In-Progress
LDS Revenue Development Opportunities Link René Monarez Complete
Literature Inventory Efficiency Link Mike Gerard Complete
Magazine Advisory Group (MAG)  Link Nathan Johnson In-Progress
Multi-Age Cub Scout Dens Program Support  Link Lisa Wylie In-Progress
New Employee Onboarding (Scout Me in At Work) Link Dinaz Kachhi-Jiwani Complete
North East Region Membership Growth Strategy for Girls (August 30) Link Garfield Murden Complete
Pearson Supplementation Link Jared Thompson In-Progress
Proactive Communication to Help Desk (Talk to Me!) Link Cathy Capuano In-Progress
Professional with a Purpose Link Mallory Davis In-Progress
Reducing Low Selling Inventory  Link Matthew Reineck Complete
Registration Relief (Simplifying Registration) Link Kate Jacobs In-Progress
Research Project Intake Process (Research PIP) Link Alice Arnold In-Progress
Scout Executive Briefcase Makeover   Link Elizabeth Washka Complete
Sea Scouting & Venturing Resources Toolbox (Online Young-Adult Toolbox) Link Steven Molik In-Progress
Simplifying Charter Organization Relationship Link Wendy Kurten Delayed
Standardizing Office of Development Processes (Project Benjamin)   Link Chasity McReynolds Complete
Streamlining Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA Outdoor Training Continuum (Boo-Hoo BALOO)  Link Steve Carroll In-Progress
Streamlining NSC Maintenance Shop (Operation Organization)  Link Cornelia Ellis In-Progress
Streamlining Youth Leadership Training (Youth Leadership Matrix) Link Cassie Johnson In-Progress
Try It, Then Buy It (Trying Scouting) Link Darin Kinn In-Progress
Winning the West (WR Brand Awareness) Link Owen McCulloch In-Progress
Yakkin’ With YAP (Youth Advisory Panel) Link Gina Circelli In-Progress