The Polaris Method

Making the BSA more efficient.

The Polaris Method is a way of thinking designed for efficiency, effectiveness, and empowerment, which emphasizes 3 important questions: 

  • Where am I now? 
  • Where am I going? 
  • How do I get there with the least amount of waste?

Stakeholder: the end user; the one who needs or uses our service or products.


Value: determined from the point of view of the stakeholder. An activity that adds value transforms BSA service in a way that benefits the stakeholder.


Efficiencythe single most important focus of the Polaris Method.Any part of the process not adding value to the stakeholder’s experience, is inefficient. We are always looking for WASTE to reduce!


Empowerment: is key to sustaining The Polaris Method into the newly adapted culture of continuous improvement. Autonomy to make recommendations and changes drive this effort.

Why "The Polaris Method" name?

Scouts and Scouters have long navigated by Polaris, “Pole Star,” also known as the “North Star.” When Scouts hike, it is with a focus upon their destination and an approach of being thrifty and clean on their journey. A Scout always leaves a campsite better than he or she found it. The Polaris Method is already a BSA way of thinking. We now want to apply the same principle in the office. 

What's Next?

Keep an eye out for our toolkit and updates on resources. We will be focusing specifically in the Western Region immediately. We plan to open an early adopter program in early 2019. Want to be an early adopter? Email us.

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