Virtual Camps

Virtual Camps

BSA Virtual Camp Opportunities

Summer camp is a highlight for Scouts of all ages each year! Boys and girls yearn for outdoor programs that stir their imagination and interest! With shelter-in-place orders, stay-at-home orders and various “Opening America” phases affecting Scout camps nationwide, many council camps have turned to virtual gatherings to keep their Scout camp community engaged and encouraged. 

While camp may look a little different this year, these virtual camps offered by BSA councils from across the country will continue to challenge and excite your Scout! They will be able to interact with Scouts from across the country, all while learning new Scouting skills. 

List of Virtual Camps by Program Type

Below is a list of virtual camp opportunities hosted by local councils across the country. We encourage you to visit their websites and find a virtual camp (or more than one!) to take part in this summer. Whether your a Cub Scout, Scouts BSA or Venturer, there is something for Scouts of all ages. Prices vary depending on council and programs offered.

Alamo Area Council “Explore the World”

Atlanta Area Council “Jurassic Adventure”

Baden-Powell Council “Stay Camp Day Camp”

Baltimore Area Council “Adventure Box”

Buckeye Council “Cyber Summer Camp: Space!”

Bucktail Council “Alternate Cub Scout Program”

Calcasieu Area Council “Down on the Farm – Day Camp in a Box”

California Inland Empire Council “Day Camp at Your Doorstep”

Capitol Area Council “Three Weeks: Three Themes Delivered to Your Doorstep”

Cascade Pacific Council “Adventure Club”

Central Florida Council “Down on the Farm”

Chattahoochee Council “Camp Kinda-Like-A”

Chickasaw Council “Kia Kima 2020 Experience”

Chief Cornplanter “Alternate Cub Scout Programs”

Circle 10 Council “Down on the Farm Handpicked Fun”

Connecticut Rivers Council “Camp Kinda-Like-A”

Connecticut Yankee Council “Journey Back in Time – An At Home Cub Camp Adventure”

Conquistador Council “Wehinahpay Online”

Cradle of Liberty Council “Online Adventures”

Crossroads of America Council “Adventure Boxes”

Dan Beard Council “Adventure Boxes”

Daniel Webster Council “Virtual Granite Base Camp”

Erie Shores Council “Camp To Go”

Gamehaven Council

Gamehaven Council “Camp Kinda-Like-A”

Garden State Council “Camp Connected”

Georgia-Carolina Council “Cub Scout Investigators”

Great Smoky Mountain Council “Down on the Farm & The Lost Treasures”

Great Trail Council “Stay Camps”

Greater Alabama Council “Digital Day Camp”

Greater New York Councils “Cub World Beyond”

Greater Niagara Frontier Council “Mad Science Cub Scout Camp in a Box”

Greater St. Louis Area Council “Jurassic Explorers”

Greater Yosemite Council “Down on the Farm” 

Hawkeye Area Council “Stay Camp!”

Heart of Virginia Council “Down on the Farm”

Hudson Valley Council “Summer Camp in a Box”

Illowa Council “STEALTH – STEM at Loud Thunder In A Box”

Illowa Council “Jurassic Knights Day Camp in a Box”

Indian Waters Council “Day Camp in a Box”

Juniata Valley “Alternate Cub Scout Program”

La Salle Council “Escape to the Great Outdoors”

Lincoln Heritage Council “Cub Scout Adventure Boxes”

Los Padres Council “Farming Adventures”

Michigan Crossroads Council Virtual Day Camp

Minsi Trails Council “Akelaland Summer Cubstravaganza”

Moraine Trails “Alternate Cub Scout Program”

New Birth of Freedom “Camp Is Where Home Is”

Northeast Illinois Council “Backyard Scouting”

Northern New Jersey Council “Camp Cub Connect”

Orange County Council “Cub Safari From Home”

Palmetto Council “Four Themes to Choose From!”

Pennsylvania Dutch Council “Virtual Camp”

Piedmont Council “Down on the Farm Virtual Day Camp”

Prairielands Council “Down on the Farm & Hooked on Fishing”

Sagamore Council “Down on the Farm”

Sam Houston Area Council “Virtual Day Camp”

Sequoyah Council “Trailblazer Virtual Cub Experience”

Sioux Council “Virtual Day Camp”

Seneca Waterways Council “Backyard Cub Adventure”

South Florida Council “Into the Jungle”

Theodore Roosevelt Council “Scouting Out of the Box”

Three Harbors Council “Backyard Day Camp”

Transatlantic Council “Down on the Farm”

Twin Rivers Council “Twilight Cyber Adventures”

Verdugo Hills Councils “Down on the Farm”

Virginia Headwaters Council “Virtual Day Camp”

Voyageurs Area Council “Day Camp at Home”

WD Boyce Council “Adventure Camp at Home”

Western Los Angeles Council “Cub Scout Virtual Day Camp”

Western Massachusetts Council “Camp Kinda-Like-A”

Yucca Council “Virtual Day Camp”

Alamo Area Council “Summer Merit Badge Extravaganza”

Baden-Powell Council “Quaran-Camped Together”

Bay Area Council “Virtual Scouts BSA Summer Camp”

Black Swamp Council “Cyber Swamp”

Capital Area Council “Lost Pines Online”

Cape Fear Council “Camp Bowers Virtual Camp”

Central Florida Council “Virtual Summer Camp”

Chattahoochee Council “Camp Kinda-Like-A”

Chickasaw Council “Kia Kima 2020 Experience”

Connecticut Rivers Council “Camp Kinda-Like-A”

Connecticut Yankee  Council “Camp Phoenix”

Conquistador Council “Wehinahpay Online”

Cradle of Liberty Council “Resica Falls Virtual Camp”

Crossroads of America Council “Scouts BSA 2020 Summer Experience”

Daniel Webster Council “Virtual Granite Base Camp”

Del-Mar-Va Council “2020 Scouts BSA Virtual Summer Experience”

East Carolina Council “Camp Boddie Virtual Summer Camp”

Gamehaven Council “Camp Kinda-Like-A”

Golden Empire Council “Camp I.T. Out”

Golden Gate Area Council “Exploration Camp”

Great Southwest Council “Gorham Scout Ranch Cyber Summer Camp”

Great Trail Council “Cybertoc: Manatoc Scout Reservation”

Greater Alabama Council “Camp Connected”

Greater New York Councils “Virtual TMR Go”

Greater Niagara Frontier Council “Young Braves Summer Adventure”

Heart of Virginia Council “Virtual Camp at T. Brady Saunders”

Hudson Valley Council “Camp in a Box”

Jersey Shore Council “Camp Cittarific”

Lake Erie Council “Virtual Camp”

Laurel Highlands Council “Heritage at Home”

Lincoln Heritage Council “Virtual Summer Experience”

Mason-Dixon Council “Cyberquipe”

Miami Valley Council “Virtual Summer Camp”

Narrangansett Council “Yawgoog Network”

New Birth of Freedom “Camp Is Where Home Is”

Nevada Area Council “Camp Fleischmann CF2U – Bringing Camp to You”

Northeast Illinois Council “Backyard Scouting”

Northern New Jersey Council “NoBe Everywhere – A Virtual Camp Experience”

Patriot’s Path Council “PPC Outdoor Academy”

Piedmont Council “Virtual Summer Camp”

Prairielands Council “Cyber Drake”

Quapaw Area Council “Mystery Camp”

Seneca Waterways Council “2020 Virtual Summer Camp – Search for the Missing Racdeever”

South Florida Council “Cyber Camp 2020”

Susquehanna Council “Camp Karoodinha”

Theodore Roosevelt Council “Onteora Online”

Transatlantic Council “Spec-TAC-ular Summer Palooza”

Twin Rivers Council “Stay Camp”

Verdugo Hills Council “Cyber Film Camp”

Western Los Angeles Area Council “Tri-Camp”

Western Massachusetts Council “Camp Kinda-Like-A”