Using the Indoors for the Outdoors!

There are numerous troop and patrol activities that can be included during an    outing that can contribute to making a Scout’s experience more fun with positive outcomes.

  If it’s fun at a troop meeting; it’ll be fun at Summer Camp or a weekend campout.

Below you’ll find a link to a CATEGORIZED LIBRARY OF ACTIVITIES includes items like Scout Skill Challenges, Team Building Opportunities, Patrol and Troop Games.

These tools provide occasions for Scouts to:

  • reinforce acquired skills by putting them into action
  • exercise resourcefulness
  • increase self-reliance
  • exemplify teamwork
  • share responsibility
  • experience a sense of belonging
  • nurture each scout’s self-esteem
  • enjoy success
  • learn numerous life

Scouting activities like these in the Library can provide the tools for unit leaders to provide youth with unique ways to have challenging fun while helping deliver Scouting’s promise.