Safety Moments are Key to Safer Scouting

Did you know we have Safety Moments for Scouting? Yes, 93 of them!  

Safety Moments are exactly what the name implies: opportunities to prepare for an activity, review safety measures and report incidents correctly. Topics of this series include Campfire SafetySafe Use of Medication in ScoutingWeather-Related SafetyWinter Sports, and Generator Safety. The Safety Moments landing page is found here

The Environmental, Health, and Safety team suggests using a Safety Moment at the start of each meeting or activity. Check out the Safety Moment on Using a Safety Moment in Scouting. It takes less than 3 minutes to deliver a Safety Moment to your staff, troop, or crew. Boy Scouts of America’s Safety Moments make it easy to deliver a SAFE program.

With 93 Safety Moments available, let look at 2021 most popular Safety Moments.

Annual Health and Medical Record

Prohibited Activities

Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse

Incident Reporting Helps

Communicable Disease Prevention

A Safety Moment that provides the up-to-the-minute safety information for Scouts and Scouters is the Scouting Safety Online Resources.

Who can deliver a Safety Moment?

Everyone can deliver Safety Moments in Scouting. Any adult leader, Scout, or employee can step up with little preparation to make a SAFE difference to everyone participating.

What makes an excellent Safety Moment topic?

Any topic that focuses on improving the safety of Scouting. The BSA regularly publishes Safety Moments on a variety of topics. Other topics could include the use of the SAFE Checklist or the Guide to Safe Scouting. They could be general safety topics on locating a fire extinguisher or knowing evacuation routes. Pick a topic that is relevant to all participants. If you have accurate information on injuries or incidents during a recent outing, share your experience.

When and where should a Safety Moment be delivered?

 Safety Moments are best used at the beginning of meetings or before a Scouting activity. They are essential in activities with a high-risk profile, like ATV programs or shooting sports.

How should the Safety Moment be delivered?

Safety Moments are on a clear and concise single topic, optimally no more than 2 minutes. All Safety Moments need to be fact-based and age-appropriate for the audience. If you have time, provide a demonstration of safe practices.

Some of our newest Safety Moments include Scouting’s Barriers to AbuseSAFE Scouting, and Lifejacket Safety. All Boy Scouts of America’s Safety Moments are found:

We are continually updating and producing Safety Moments for Scouting. If you have a Safety Moment suggestion, contact the Environmental, Health, and Safety Team.