SAFE Holiday Parades

With multiple holiday parades receiving national attention, we want to ensure the Scouting community understands the risk associated with parades. Please help us provide the safest environment for your Scouts and Scouters if they choose to participate in any form of holiday parades. Use the four points of SAFE, including ensuring: 

Adequate Supervision is Present

Ensure enough adults to supervise Scouts and monitor the parade’s entirety. Many packs and troops use a four-corners approach with adults: two adults at the front—left and right—and two bringing up the rear.

The Buddy System is Utilized

Before you begin the march, make sure each Scout and adult has a buddy. Parades are crowded, and you don’t want a Scout to get lost in the shuffle.

Understand Parade Transportation Policies

Transportation to and from the parade or hayride site is not allowed on the truck or trailer. Those persons riding, whether seated or standing, must be able to hold on to something stationary. Do not let anyone’s legs or arms hang over the railing. Drivers of vehicles also need lookouts when backing or starting up from a stop. This is critical if towing.

Follow all Safety Procedures 

Be aware of your surroundings, observant of others, and know where to find the two nearest exits. Allow adequate space between marchers and any vehicles. Designate a lookout to watch out for vehicles and other hazards that could occur through the parade.