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We would like to invite you to participate in the 2020 Summer Camp Revamped Virtual Network! We are thrilled to announce that Penn State is launching its annual 6-session Summer Camp Revamped Virtual Network on April 22, 2020 from 2-3 PM EST. To date, troop leaders and scouts have expressed overwhelming support for the Summer Camp Revamped program with favorable results realized in improved nutrition content of dining hall meals, satisfaction with food choices and increased activity.


These networking sessions are completely free.  We will be sharing about many resources available to camps like yours, including pre-dietitian signed menus and discussing how to implement a culture of health at summer camp. If there is someone in your council who may be a better fit, please forward this message along.


To enroll in this program, please take a few moments to fill out our form so that we can make these sessions most valuable to you. This form will take no more than 15 minutes to complete.


Together, Penn State and legacy revamp camps will collaborate to discuss camp wellness operations submitted by leaders like you. The group will develop recommendations for improving wellness and nutrition within your camp setting. Over time, camps become more comfortable and empowered to adopt best practices by engaging with a wide network of camps. As a result, summer camps get the high-quality assistance they need while paving new ground for others to follow while serving scouts.

A complete schedule for this program is below:


  • Session 1: April 22, 2-3PM            Dining Hall: Menu
  • Session 2: April 29, 2-3PM            Dining Hall: Preparing new foods such as whole grains and lean proteins
  • Session 3: May 6, 2-3PM               Dining Hall and Trading Post: Promotion
  • Session 4: May 13, 2-3PM            Trading Post: Products
  • Session 5: May 20, 2-3PM            Trading Post: Price point advantage
  • Session 6: May 27, 2-3PM            Step-Up Challenge

Help is Just a Click Away for your Dining Hall Operation!


Our friends at Penn State PRO Wellness are offering Virtual network sessions again in 2020.  The virtual network is a series of weekly 1-hour weekly video conferences that run for 6-7 weeks. These are especially helpful for dining hall and Trading Post managers.


Virtual networking topics include dining hall menus, how to prepare healthier foods, how to promote healthier food in the dining hall and Trading Post, healthier Trading Post products, Trading Post pricing, and the Step-Up Challenge. Learn from legacy camps about how they made healthy changes and what an improved dining hall and Trading Post might look like at your camp.


Sign up your camp to join Camp Revamped 2020 Virtual Networks

For more information about the Penn State PRO Wellness program and the BSA partnership click here 


Looking for more resources?  Visit the Penn State PRO Wellness Boy Scouts Camp Tool Kit here .


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