Preparing to Open Camp in 2021

Opening camps in 2021 is critical to the mission delivery of the Boy Scouts of America. The decision to open and how to operate is a local council operational decision and there are a multitude of resources to help guide your decision and put together a solid plan for mitigating the risk of COVID-19 at camp.  

BSA Camps COVID-19 Resource Page 

Available here, this website has numerous resources to help you and your camp leadership navigate the changing dynamics of COVID-19. These resources include both BSA produced content (documents, webinars and more) as well as resources from other organizations such as the CDC, American Red Cross, and the American Camp Association.   

State by State Advocacy  

A key component of operating camp in 2020 will be the legal clearance and local guidance on what is allowed in each area. Several states have advocacy groups working together to advocate for states to release camping guidance for 2021. If you need additional information about how you can participate in this key advocacy conversation, please email 

Updated: Camps and COVID-19 Field Guide 

Originally released in late spring 2020, the Camps and COVID-19 Field Guide was revised and re-released on January 24th. Additional chapters include material about vaccines as well as updates to content in multiple other chapters. This is an excellent resource as you consider what your COVID-10 operational plan should include. View the updated field guide here. 

ACA Releases CampCounts Research Study 

This report describes CampCounts 2020, which was unique in its efforts to capture the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on camps in the US. Results are compared to the 2017 ACA Business Operations Survey (now called CampCounts) where possible. The report also incorporates recent information from the ACA COVID-19 Field Guide and provides recommendations for camp operations during the current pandemic. There is an infographic and a full report. 

Thank you to all the BSA camps who participated in this survey. The information provided will showcase the most effective NPIs when utilized in a camp environment. This key data will help you when putting together the best possible plan to mitigate COVID-19 in 2021. It will also assist you when working alongside your local health authorities by showing a data-based approach to your plan for the season when advocating to open.Download the report here. 

The National Outdoor Programs and Properties Team will continue to produce weekly content to support the needs of all BSA camping operations in preparing for a safe and top quality 2021 camping season! Please contact if you have any questions!