Philmont Prepares for the 2021 Summer Season by Welcoming Its First Participants of the Year

With easing Covid-19 restrictions in Colfax County, New Mexico, Philmont Scout Ranch kicked off its Winter Adventure Program, Advisor Skills School and Family Adventure Camp in the month of March. 

Winter Adventure offers participants the opportunity to see Philmont in a way few others have. While Philmont sees an average 24,000+ annual visitors, the backcountry is nearly empty during the winter. The landscape can sometimes appear cold and harsh, but it becomes beautiful in an entirely different way when you are up close and personal with it. Regardless of previous winter camping experience, participants learn to camp comfortably in cold weather and to welcome this unique style of backcountry travel. Crews can have the opportunity to snowshoe or ski to their camp, build snow shelters and participate in a variety of other activities. 

Family Adventure camp, now available at Philmont, Summit and the Florida Sea Base is also open for enrollment right now and the first families began their adventures in March! Family adventure allows families to pick and choose what activities appeal to them for an incredibly unique Philmont experience. Philmont’s Family Adventure offers participants the opportunity to participate in hiking, crafts, shooting sports, COPE, horseback riding and so much more. For any family looking to step out of their comfort zone and bond in all new ways, Family Adventure Camp may be for you! Visit to learn more.

And for the first time in 2021, Philmont is introducing an all new Bison Snack Sticks in the Tooth of Time Traders and in its backcountry trail meals. These meat sticks come from Philmont’s large Bison herd that roams a pasture just north of Camping Headquarters. These Bison are directly descended from the original herd Waite Phillips brought to the ranch nearly 100 years ago. A successful businessman who made his fortune in the oil industry at the turn of the century, Phillips donated his summer property, the Philmont Ranch, to the BSA in 1938. The BSA now maintains this property and Phillips’ gift has served over 1 million members. If you find yourself out on the ranch this summer, be sure to check out our Bison Sticks and take a bite out of Philmont, or visit us at the

Philmont has made great strides to prepare for a safe and successful program in 2021. We hope to see you on the trail! 

To learn more about Philmont’s Family Adventure programs and summer plans visit