Outdoor Programs Upcoming Webinar Topics and Dates

Please mark your calendars and register to attend the following BSA National Outdoor Programs webinars. These webinars cover a wide variety of topics designed to support you and your council as you navigate through this fall and prepare for 2021. Any staff or volunteers connected to Outdoor Programs are invited to attend.  

  • Lessons Learned from Summer 2020Thursday September 3rd at 2pm CT  
  • Understanding and Implementing Short-Term Camp ClassificationThursday September 17th at 2pm CT or October 22nd at 7pm CT  
  • Business of Adventure- Creating a Business Plan for your Outdoor Programs and PropertiesThursday October 1st at 2pm CT  
  • Cub Scout Outdoor Program Marketing – Thursday November 5th at 2pm  

Lessons Learned from Summer 2020 – September 3rd at 2pm CT 

This is not a discussion of how to be prepared. Instead it is a list of what we wish we would have known before the summer began and other lessons learned along the way in all types of camps that operated this summer. From how well COVID-10 plans were implemented to what happened when exposures occurred. In-person and virtual camps will be discussed.  Do not miss this real talk conversation with councils from across the country.  

Register: https://scouting-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJArdu2vrzgvHt25bWY1xSuaYborIDaltmqb  

Understanding and Implementing Short-Term Camp NCAP Classification 

September 17th at 2pm CT OR October 22nd at 7pm CT 

Effective January 1, 2021 the Family Camp NCAP classification will officially be retired. In its place, the BSA will add a new term to the NCAP vernacular, “Short-Term Camp”. Join us for a webinar to learn about how this short-term camp NCAP classification will be administered and managed. Information on the applicable National Camping School training, a walk through the standards, assessment process and more will be shared. 

September 17th Registration Link: https://scouting-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcpc-6oqjkpEtU1KgKpzeywCUaC4epdH 

October 22nd Registration Link: https://scouting-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwodeCsqD4oEtUmiangMtUreyDZhOup-rKP 

Business of Adventure- Creating a Business Plan for your Outdoor Programs and Properties – Thursday October 1st at 2pm CT 

Facilitating a successful camping operation is key to the financial and programmatic health of your council. Considering COVID-19 and other previous challenges, there is an even greater need to ensure we run financially sustainable camp/property operations. This open discussion will focus on the future of BSA’s business of adventure and how to create a business plan for your unique operations and set your council on a path for long-term success.  

Registration Link: https://scouting-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0lduCurzgsHdPWh56U1q5ifbZ3lVP80UBM 

Cub Scout Outdoor Program Marketing – Thursday, November 5th at 2pm CT 

Engaging our Cub Scout members and families in our outdoor programs is critical for both retention and financial sustainability. But marketing and making the sale to a Cub Scout family takes a different approach (and many types!)! Join Michael Ramsey, BSA’s Director of Marketing and Brand Management along with Andrea Watson from the BSA Outdoor Programs team to walk through the best ways to engage this key demographic to ensure that the incredible programs you have built have your best attendance ever. 

Registration Linkhttps://scouting-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0rcuqspj8oGN2BfSB1j4A-lt0aeazbRyWY