Ok so what really changed in the 2022 NCAP standards? And how do I find out?

By Brian Gray, National NCAP Staff Adviser

Each year the national NCAP committee and various BSA subject matter experts (SMEs) review the national camp standards. Standards are reviewed to consider:

  • Changes in the camping or outdoor industry
  • Changes in state or federal regulations
  • Changes to BSA policy like the Guide to Safe Scouting or other materials
  • Recommendations from local councils
  • Results from camp assessments

After this review, the National NCAP committee standards team compiles all the changes, reviews with the SMEs and releases the updated standards. Every effort is made by this group to project changes 18-24 months out so that camps have time to prepare.

Changes for 2022 NCAP standards were made to various standards. First, the largest number of changes reflect the adjustment from the previous area/region structure to the new national service territory and NCAP national committee restructuring. Additionally, several standards (we’d highlight SQ-407 for example) were adjusted to create less confusion – versus a change in policy.

As you prepare for the 2022 camp season (for all camp types and camp properties!), we encourage you to review the NCAP circular. NCAP Circular #16 indicates each change in specific detail that was made to each standard and why it was made. This is a tremendous resource to share with your local council NCAP committee, camp rangers, day camp directors and program directors, short-term camp administrators and long-term camp directors and program directors.

  • Download the 2022 NCAP standards here
  • Download NCAP Circular #16 here

Changes to the NCAP standards are just another example of the ever changing camping landscape both inside and outside the BSA. To ensure your 2022 camping season is set up for success, be sure to review these and other support materials provided by the National NCAP committee on the national NCAP website.