Northern Lights Council focusing on camping adventures


While Covid-19 threatened numerous camps in 2020, Northern Lights Council of Fargo ND operated Camp Wilderness with zero reported virus infections. This was one of the few areas of the country with low infections rates and additional precautions were taken to achieve camp success. Creative scheduling, tapping new resources and adapting enabled them to provide a quality experience. 

As 2021 begins to unfold, 7 weeks are planned to serve Scouts BSA and Cub Scouts from the surrounding region. Northern Lights Council serves youth in North Dakota and portions of South Dakota, Minnesota and Montana. The council projects 1100 youth to attend camp this coming summer. 

Camping Director Missy Hendrickx is currently finishing the promotion plan with 75% of the camp staff recruited. She is optimistic but cautious with the 2021 camping season. “Many of the changes we made at camp in 2020 will be still used for 2021 to comply with potential state orders” Missy said. “A major focus from 2020 into 2021 will be sanitation and cleaning. The council is purchasing a sanitizing machine used in hotels to ‘fog’ a room, which enables safety and protection in an efficient manner for dining and indoor classes”.  

In 2020, a pod system was used for activities and advancement to keep units together in order to comply with local regulations. If restrictions are still in force this summer, the same system will be used. Using this method, Scouts in 2020 averaged 6 merit badges each during the season. With new and traditional merit badges offered in key areas, this should increase.  

Northern Lights Council is doing what it takes to succeed in 2021. Awesome job Northern Lights Council! You can find more information  here