New Approval Process for National Camping School Registration 2021

For 2021 National Camping Schools, the  open registration link will be posted at

This link will be available to any person who would like to attend National Camping School. Once an individual has registered, an email will be sent to their local council Scout Executive to approve the registration before the person is confirmed. At the point of approval, the council will be required to pay the full fee for the course. Individuals who plan to attend National Camping School and pay for themselves will need to coordinate with the local council for payment arrangements.

The purpose of the open registration is to create easier access to the registration link for National Camping School and to allow everyone the ability to register on their own. This change decreases the potential for data entry mistakes. The approval will be required for all National Camping School sections and all fees will be collected at the time of approval by the local council. Councils will no longer be billed after the camp school has; instead, payment is due upon registration. If individuals cannot attend, a refund will be processed in accordance with the NCS refund policy.

We encourage each council to use National Camping School to train not only summer camp staff but also any staff or volunteers who may serve the council’s camp(s) and outdoor programs throughout the year.  As a reminder, some additional NCS certified individuals may be necessary to help meet the short-term camp NCPA standards depending on what programs are offered. The 2021 NCAP standards can be found online here.   

National Camping School is a great opportunity to train committee members on the Aquatics, Shooting Sports, COPE/Climbing, or other program committees of the council in addition to the staff required to operate a BSA camp.

For more information about National Camping School, visit the National Camping School website at