New Annual Health and Medical Record

In December, the Health & Safety Team launched the new Annual Health & Medical Record (AHMR).  The changes are minor, incorporating lessons learned from the high adventure bases and jamborees.  In addition, we have compiled and reviewed comments from volunteers, Scout executives, camp health officers, council health supervisors and the medical community.  Policies on the use of the AHMR have not changed. 

Link directly to this page as the source of truth for the AHMR.  As a reminder, do not host the AHMR on your website.  Minor changes are necessary occasionally and by linking directly to the AHMR, you will always have the most accurate information. 

Do not modify the form, it can lead to confusion for participants, as well as camp staff and may change the intended meaning.     

What about my current completed AHMR?  We understand that 2020 will be a transition year.  Valid records in the old format will be honored.  Begin using the new version for your next pre-participation physical and for all new participants.  Older versions of the AHMR are obsolete as of 1/1/2021.

We understand that the AHMR is utilized by everyone in Scouting. The minor changes to the AHMR have been made with the goal of increasing clarity and ease of use for all end users.  One of the changes include the California BB device parental authorization on part A.  California councils will now have all required signatures conveniently on one page.  Another minor change includes identifying part B as B1 & B2 to help ensure all pages of the form are completed for each participant. 

The AHMR FAQ page has been revised and can be found here:  AHMR FAQ.  Although most questions have been addressed, If you have additional concerns, feel free to contact us at

We have developed additional resources that include two useful safety moments.  They may help participants in fully completing an AHMR and assisting adult leaders how to review the information carefully.  The links are listed below.

AHMR Safety Moment:

How to Review the AHMR:

We appreciate your help in keeping everyone in Scouting safe and healthy.

Health & Safety Team

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