National NCAP Committee Announces Committee Restructure

By Brian Gray, National NCAP Staff Adviser

The National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) national committee has been reorganized to meet the needs of the BSA after the recent change from Regions and Areas to National Service Territories (NST).  The National NCAP committee has taken this opportunity to restructure its entire committee and reporting structure. These changes are also reflected in the applicable standards and process required by the 2022 NCAP standards (you can check out the 2022 standards online here).

National NCAP Authorization Team

Let’s start with the authorization process! Each local council completes the authorization process every five years. This authorization gives each local council the ability to operate Camp Properties, Day Camps, Short-term Camps and Long-term camps.  The national NCAP committee authorization team will work with local councils who are scheduled to go through the authorization process each year. A council will b assigned a reviewer from then national authorization team and their reviewers.

Chair                                                                      Steve Phillips

Vice Chair                                                             Bob Hemmerly

Team Leads                                                         John Young, Larry Healey, Don Dare, Bob Longoria, Ken Estes

National High Adventure Bases                        Doug McDonald

Standards and Governance

You may not know that there is group of key volunteers who support the development and implementation of our national NCAP standards. This team is responsible for the management of the development of the standards, and interpretation of the standards if questions arise.  They work with all BSA Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the review and development of these standards. They also coordinate all waivers, equivalency determinations, and variance requests. 

Chair                                      Eric Hiser

Assistant Chair                   Rich Koch

Assistant Chair                   Chrystene Speed

Assessment Team

Likely the most visible part of the NCAP process and national committee, the assessment coordination process has also adjusted with the national NCAP committee’s restructuring. The NCAP assessment team leaders are assigned to a geographical zone. We utilize the term “zone” to avoid confusion with the NST volunteer structure. The NCAP zones align geographically with the NSTs. For example, zone 1 is national service territory 1, and so on. The NCAP assessments are coordinated overall by the following individuals nationally.

Chair                                                                Jack Hess

Vice Chair                                                        Barry Simays

Assessment Lead for Zones 1-8                  Bob Miller

Assessment Lead for Zones 9-16                Jason Kasiorek

In addition, there are 16 Zone Assessment Coordinators who will coordinate the nationally led assessments for all long-term camps.

Zone 1 Vacant   Zone 9 David Ehrlich
Zone 2 Don Paul   Zone 10 Randy DeFrank
Zone 3 Cap Casperson   Zone 11 John Willemain
Zone 4 Chuck Gitzen   Zone 12 David Carlson
Zone 5 Brent Worley   Zone 13 Jim Korcienski
Zone 6 Peter Erdely   Zone 14 Bobby Bloodworth
Zone 7 Fritz Maxwell   Zone 15 Jeff Irving
Zone 8 Jay Cash   Zone 16 Bill Guglielmi



We are grateful for the thousands of volunteers from across the BSA that support the NCAP process in their local council and at the national level. Questions regarding the new NCAP national committee structure? Email