National Camping School is back and IN PERSON!

As the sun rose on Feb 6, 2021 over the Atlantic Ocean in the Florida Keys, we welcomed our first in person participants to National Camping School in 2021. After almost a full year of cancellations and online courses, the Florida Sea Base played host to the first (of we hope many) on site, in person National Camping Schools of the new year. The course welcomed participants from across the country and both the Transatlantic and Far East Councils to spend a week learning about the skills required to be a Camp or Program Director in the BSA.

The course featured the newly updated syllabus for the courses which offer participants the chance to get hands-on learning through group discussions, interactions and several “real world” scenarios. The participants were also greeted several mornings by the local wildlife of iguana and manatees who came by to check out what was going on.

We plan to offer all courses in person and will continue to work with local councils and local health departments to offer the courses to meet the needs of all local councils. Councils should take the opportunity to register for the sections through the link found on the National Camping School Website at

While we can’t all take the course at the Florida Sea Base, there are plenty of great locations across the country from which to choose. Get registered NOW for a course near you.