Happy Holidays!

The National Outdoor Programs and Properties Team wants to wish everyone the happiest of holiday seasons.  This year has been challenging for everyone, but this time of year helps remind us all what is important. 

As we reflect on 2020, we find gratitude for many things! Here are a few things that inspired our team this year:

  • Collaboration within and amongst councils across the country was at an all-time high! Councils and camps saw beyond geographic borders and collectively worked to serve Scouting with camping programs.
  • Councils built an even deeper foundation of risk management and risk analysis as they evaluated if/how/when they could open camping programs. We learned about and quickly implemented ideas like “cohorts” and used phrases like “nonpharmaceutical interventions” regularly.
  • Councils found ways to continue to deliver Scouting’s mission outdoors despite constantly changing, extremely difficult obstacles. In just weeks, council camping programs pivoted nearly every element of outdoor program delivery to make sure as many Scouts as possible received a safe, outdoor experience (even if it was in their own backyard!). A debt of gratitude is owed to the hundreds if not thousands of staff and volunteers who made this happen.
  • Camps and councils’ outdoor program teams found new ways to reinvent how we serve youth at camp and in the outdoors! Many of these new ideas will continue long after the pandemic ends.

Thank you for inspiring us throughout these difficult times and we are all grateful to serve alongside you. We wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons and we look forward to building upon Scouting’s premier outdoor program legacy together.


Your BSA National Outdoor Programs and Properties Team