Fishing is the New Hot Thing to Do

The fishing equipment is flying off the shelves or not there at all.

With the societal changes that 2020 has brought us, the new hot outdoor activity is fishing. Fishing license sales are at a record high. It is a fun activity where you can easily social distance.

So, what have you been doing? Jig-Saw puzzles? Watching way too much TV? Is your dog looking at you saying do I have to go for a walk again? You can easily fish and enjoy the great outdoors safely.

What about your Pack, Troop or Crew? Can you find a better way for them to get outside? Fishing is also a great family activity and a good way to engage families into your unit’s program.

Some of the activities developed by the National Fishing Sub Committee during quarantine and seclusion are:

  • A new Instructional Cub Scout Fishing video: “Worm Drowning 101”, a presentation on how to simply take Cub Scouts fishing. Currently in editing


  • Fishing Merit Badge online: a resource for Fishing Merit Badge Counselors to present Fishing Merit Badge virtually. Proposed deadline is August 1, 2020


  • Certified Angling Instructor (CAI) Course online: we are nearly finished with the CAI course to be offered via distance learning. It should be completed in mid August 2020.


  • Developing Fishing activities for all levels of Cub Scouts: currently, fishing is only offered for Cub Scout Bears. Watch the website for release in the near future.


To take your youth and Scouting family fishing really doesn’t take much. Getting outdoors and doing a fun activity is what our youth are after! It’s not the size of the fish; it’s the thrill to be outdoors. So, offer them a chance to catch something that “wiggles the rod” and put a big smile on their face by being part of the Adventure of Scouting!