First National Camping School Short-Term Camp Administrator Trainings Begin

On October 17th, twenty-eight Scouters took part in the first ever National Camping School Short-Term Camp Administrator training. The course was hosted online and facilitated by the National Service Center. These participants played a valuable role in giving immediate feedback to the content of the course. After this first session, several adjustments were made to the course content and the course is now available for local councils to host with prior approval. If your council would like to apply to be a host site, click here.

Some of the comments from the inaugural course included:

“Input and contributions from participants enhanced the information presented by instructors, who were excellent and very knowledgeable. The course was a great overview of the standards and available reference material, now need to dive into the 2021 standards. Overall a great explanation of what this new role is. Before this I did not know what I did not know.”

“All of the information was relevant and useful. Often trainings like this deteriorate to anecdotal conversations amongst the participants. Thank you for keeping the lessons focused and making the most of the course.”

“Excellent course. Excellent instructors. It was good that the course addressed Enterprise Risk Management.”

Questions have continued to arise regarding who needs to take this training? Does every weekend event director have to take it? Camporee chairmen? Family camp coordinators? This question is best answered by reviewing the NCAP standard regarding camp management and short-term camps, 2021 NCAP standard SQ-403. Under letter D, it highlights that a short-term camp must have a trained short-term camp administrator. While encouraged, this person does not have to be present at the entire event. Therefore, every weekend event director, camporee chairman etc. does not have to be short-term camp administrator certified. Rather, each short-term camp must have one trained short-term camp administrator who supports the event director(s) in the camp development and implementation. Of course, while not required, event leadership could still choose to become short-term camp administrator certified and serve in both roles.

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