Diamond Brand Gear Announces New Customizable LMNL Tent System

Not everything is as it seems upon first glance.

For instance, sometimes a tent can be more than just a tent.

Dubbed “the snap-together, all-weather camping tent,” Diamond Brand Gear’s new customizable LMNL Tent System gives you more flexibility and versatility than ever before.

LMNL incorporates all the best features of Diamond Brand Gear’s other tents into a single design. It’s customizable and lightweight, boasting innovative new features like the SkyDome and “flip mode” with a vented roof for the best airflow a tent can offer. Each fabric panel snaps on individually, which means it can function as anything from a quick pop-up tent for shelter from the sun to a portable screened-in porch to a dining area to ultra-comfortable staff quarters to family camping and anything in between.

Easy to pack down and transport, the entire tent system weighs as little as 70 pounds while still bearing the same durability and stability as the tents the Scouts have been relying on for the last 80+ years.

Need more or less space? The frame is comprised of universal parts, allowing you to add or take away length in 4-ft increments as needed – but the standard 10×12 LMNL will easily fit a family of four, making this a perfect family camping option.  

And perhaps the biggest bonus of all… each wall panel is individually replaceable, meaning the days of needing to send an entire tent body back to repair the cuts from the pocketknives of young Scouts are gone. Now, you have the ability to send back only the specific panels that are in need of repair, which also means you’ll spend less money on shipping. And rather than replace an entire tent body, you can replace individual walls as needed.   

It’s essentially a dedicated space for anything that is thrown at you in a busy camp season. The LMNL can do it all.  

 For more information about this great tent, click here.  

This article is sponsored by Diamond Brand as part of their great donation to the

2022 National Outdoor Conference.